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What is the food prayer? What are the prayers to be read after eating? What are the virtues of memorizing and reading the prayer for food? Reading prayers in Arabic and Turkish and their meanings are in this article.

Whether it is a prayer for food or other prayers, these prayers are a means of fast and unmediated communication with us weak servants and our supreme creator, Allah (swt). With prayer, we make requests for both our worship and our worldly and otherworldly life.

Our Almighty Lord, whose mercy and mercy is endless, bestows so many material and spiritual blessings upon us that we cannot be grateful. It is our duty to always praise these wonderful blessings and to always remember Allah, the Providence.

When we say sustenance, it is not correct to understand only food and drinks, our supreme creator gives the needs of all the organs in our body and all the feelings in our soul.

Our tongue alone has the ability to taste 4,000 flavors. On the other hand, we have a Priest who creates those delicacies. Let’s compare other material and spiritual sustenance accordingly and see the generosity bestowed upon us. And table prayer Let’s be thankful together.

Food Prayer Published on the Official Site of the Presidency of Religious Affairs

Companions Abu Said al-Khudri (ra) narrates that our Prophet (saas) recited the following prayer after he ate or drank something.

food prayer

Pronunciation: Alhamdu lillahizî et’amenâ ve sekânâ ve cealena muslimin Alhamdu lillahi hamden katîran mubâreken fihi, ğayra makfiyyin, ve lâ müveddein ve lâ müsteğnen anhu Rabbenâ.

Al-Hamdu lillahizî et’amenî hâzat-taâme ve razakanîhi min ğayri havlin velâ your strength

Meal “Praise be to Allah, who gave us food and drink and made us Muslims” (Tirmidhi, Daavât 5)

“O our Lord! We praise you with pure feelings, with countless praises that do not decrease and increase and are not turned away from your presence and accepted. ” (Bukhari, Et`ime 54)

“The one who fed me this food and gave it to me without any power or strength on my part. sustenance “Praise be to Allah,” he said, “his past sins will be forgiven”.(Abu Dawud, Libas 1)

Turkish Food Prayer

Praise be to our Almighty Lord, who created us when we were not, and gave us food and drink, and peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet, the master of the universe. May forgiveness and mercy be upon all our Muslim brothers and sisters.

My God! You are the giver of sustenance and blessing! You do not turn away those who turn to your door. We are weak servants, we are in need of Your endless mercy and grace. Grant us good blessings in this world and in the hereafter!

O beautiful Lord! Grant us the opportunity to taste the best of the blessings you have tasted at this table in your paradise, which is the home of eternal happiness!

My God! Grant us the ability to be grateful for these halal foods and serve You!

My God! Bless the earnings of our brothers who contributed to the preparation of this table, and grant them health, peace and happiness! Have mercy on those who migrated from their families to the hereafter and our past!

My God! You are the owner of the property, you give the property to whom you wish, and you take it from what you wish. A saint whom you wish, you humiliate whom you wish. us; Make it one of your servants that you have blessed and blessed!

My God! Do not deprive us of your blessings. Make our health, peace and happiness always.

My God! Protect us, our believing brothers and all humanity from all kinds of accidents, troubles, disasters and calamities! Please grant us that we can live in a world full of peace and well-being!

Amin wa salaam al-mursalin wal-hamdu lillahi rabbil-alamîn al Fatiha.

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