Prayers Read During Pregnancy-Pregnancy Surahs and Dhikr


There is no special prayer that is read during pregnancy. However, we will write the verses about birth and generation in the Quran and their meanings. With these prayers, we can make our prayers.

However, the Prophet’s (saas) daughter Hz. In this article, we have included the prayers that Umm Salama and Zeynep binti Cahş had recited during the birth of Fatima (ra), these prayers are also included in the prayers read during pregnancy.

Prayers During Pregnancy

Surah Saffat one hundred. AenoughI

“Rabbi heb lî mines sâlihîn(e).” Lord, forgive me from the righteous (children).

Verse 38 of Surah Al-i Imran

“Hunâlike deâ zekeriyyâ rabbeh (rabbehu), castle rabbi heblî min ledunke zurriyyeten tayyibeh (tayyibeten), inneke semîud duâ'(i).”

There Zechariah prayed to his Lord: “My Lord! Grant me a clean generation from Yourself. Surely, you are the one who hears the prayer properly”.

Surah Ibrahim 40 to 41. AenoughI

“Rabbic’alnî mukîmes salâti ve min zurriyyetî rabbenâ ve takabbel duai.”

My Lord, make me and my offspring of those who establish prayer. Our Lord, accept my prayer.

“Rabbenâgfirlî ve li valideyye ve lil mu’minîne yekûmul hisâb(u).”

Our Lord, forgive me, my parents, and the believers on the day of reckoning (forgive our sins).

Verse 74 of Surah Furkan

“Vellezîne yekûlûne rabbenâ heb lenâ min ezvâcinâ ve zurriyyatinâ kurrate a’yunin vec’alnâ lil muttakine imâmâ(n).”

They said, “O our Lord! Make our wives and children the light of our eyes and make us leaders of those who fear Allah”.

Surah An-Naml 19. AenoughI

“.. gale rabbi evzı’nî en Eşkure ni’metekelletî en’amte aleyye ve alâ valideyye ve en a’mele salihan terdahu ve edhılnî bi rahimike fî ibadikes sâlihin(e).”

And: “My Lord, make me successful in thanking you for the blessings you bestowed upon me and my parents and in doing good deeds (purification of the soul) that You are pleased with. And include me among your righteous servants by your mercy.” said.

Verse 15 of Surah Ahqaf

… gale rabbi evzı en Eşkure ni’metekelletî en’amte aleyye ve alâ valideyye ve en a’mele sâlihan terdahu ve aslıh lî fî zurriyyetî, innî tubtu ileyke ve innî minel muslimîn(e).”

My God! Make me successful in thanking you for the blessings you gave me and my parents, and in doing good deeds (purification of the soul) that you are pleased with. And rehabilitate my offspring. Surely, I have repented to You and I am one of those who surrender (to You).

Surah Al-Baqara Verse 128I

“Rabbenâ vec’alnâ muslimeyni stain ve min zurriyyetinâ ummeten muslimeten stain ve erinâ menâsikenâ ve tub aleynâ, inneke entet tawâbur rahîm(ru).”

“Our Lord! Make us surrendered to you. Make us a nation of our offspring that has surrendered to you. Show us your places of worship and your principles. Accept our repentance. Because you are the most accepting of repentance, the most merciful.”

Surahs Read During Pregnancy

Yasin-i Sharif is a key to open many auspicious doors. Scholars have also said about reading forty-one Yasin-i Sharifs, “it is a key to open many good doors”. In this respect, Yasins read during pregnancy can open beautiful doors with good intentions.

From the Companions Hz. Anas (ra) narrates: Our Prophet (saas) said: “Everything has a heart. The heart of the Qur’an is Yasin. Whoever reads this surah, Allah Almighty rewards him with the reward of reciting the Qur’an ten times, except for Yasin. (Tirmidhi)

In order for the child to be born to be smart and robust; A person who writes and wears Surah Al-Ala on Friday will protect himself against all kinds of disasters. This surah is written for a pregnant woman. If this writing is done in the first days of the month, the child will be smart and robust. (Arif Pamuk)

For the Child to be Patient; The Asr Surah is read by placing the hands on the stomach.

For morality to be good; 70 human surahs are read.

In order for the child to be born to have the morality of the Prophet; Surah Anbiya is recited once every day, those who cannot find the opportunity try to recite at least 70, it is essential to reach this number in the first four months.

For the child to be gentle; Surah Ibrahim is read a lot.

To protect the child from the harm of the devil; Read Surah Al-i Imran.

In order for the child to be born to be “Lokman-spoken Yusuf-faced”; Each day of pregnancy, 1 Surah Yusuf and 1 Surah Lokman are read. Those who cannot find the opportunity to read it as much as they can, it is better to read it within the first four months.

Dhikr During Pregnancy

during pregnancy “al-Musawwir (cc)” It is recommended to chant a lot.

If pregnant women continue to chant al-Musavvir (cc) by placing their hands on the baby, I hope this child will be beautiful and healthy with this Divine Name. (Mecmuatül Ahzab, Ahmed Ziyaüddin Gümüşhanevi)

Put your hands on your wife and say 99 times. “Ya Mubdi(cc)”It is called (Asset giver).

Continuous, “Ya Berr (cc)” It is called (Those whose goodness and goodness and bounties are plentiful).

121 times every day “Ya Kaviyy (cc)” (Very strong).

The following names of Allah (swt) should be read into water and drunk:

Ya Musawvir (cc) (Describing, giving shape and character to everything): 21 times

Ya Berr (cc) (who has goodness and benevolence to his servants, with abundant blessings): 21 times

Ya Quddus (cc) (Free from all deficiencies and faults): 11 times

34 times after prayers “Allahu Akbar”33 times “Hallelujah” and 33 times “Subhanallah” say.

70 times after prayers “Astagfirullah wa etube ilayh” say and repent.

70 thousand “Subhanallahi wa bihamdihi” It was said that if it is read, the child will be one of the righteous, it is good to read it in the first four months.

Prayer for an Easy Birth

Our Prophet (saas) had Umm Salama and Zeynep bint Jahsh read this prayer at the birth of our mother when her daughter Fatima (ra) went into labor pains. (Ibn Sunni, p.232, No: 625)

With the intention of giving birth to the woman who will give birth safely and easily, Ayete’l-Kursi is read first, then the (Falak and Nas) suras are read. After that, the following verse is recited:

“Inne rabbekümullahüllezi halekas semavati vel erda fi sitteti eyyamin sümmesteva allel arşi yuğşil leylen nehara yachtlübühu hasisev veş şemse vel camera ven nücume müsehharatim bi emirh la Allah lehül rabbarabu vel emr.”

Meal; Indeed, your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then ascended to the Throne. He is the one who covers the day with the night that constantly chases him, and subdues the sun, moon and stars at his own command. Just so you know, the creation and the command are (only) His. Exalted is Allah, the Lord of the worlds. (Surah A’arf, 54)

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