Prayers for Pregnancy and Easy Birth


Prayer for easy birth It is worth emphasizing the following before proceeding. Birth can sometimes be a life-threatening situation that requires surgery.

It is obvious that such an important event will of course not happen only with spiritual prayer. After all, our religion says to take financial measures first, go to the doctor, and then pray for an easy birth for spiritual measures.

Because it is always the best for us. Take action and pray. If we did one of these and neglected the other, we would certainly have done half the work. As a single winged bird flies, so does ours.

Prayer for Easy Birth

With the intention of giving birth to the woman who will give birth safely and easily, Ayete’l-Kursi is read first, and then the (Falak and Nas) suras are read. After these, the following verse is recited:

Surah Araf 54
Verse 54 of Surah Araf

“Inne rabbekumullahüllezi halegassemavati velerda fisitteti eyyamin sümmesteva alelarşi yuğşilleylennehara yachtlübühu hasısa. veşşemse velgamera vennucume müsehharatim biemrih ela lehülhalg velemr. tabarakallahu rabbul amen.”

Translation: Verily, your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then encompasses the Throne. He is the one who covers the day with the night that constantly chases him, and subdues the sun, moon and stars by his own command. For your information, (beware) creation and command are (only) His. Exalted is Allah, Lord of the worlds.

Hz. Our Prophet (saas) had his daughter Fatima (ra) read this prayer during the birth of our mother. In the end, it was a pleasingly healthy birth.

When we receive the news of a healthy and healthy birth, we should thank Allah and make them happy by helping the needy and the poor. Let’s not forget that those who make happy rejoice.

Another good way to give birth easily and peacefully (and to make other things easier) is to read Surah Inshikak a lot. (Mecmuatül Ahzab)

Dhikr During Pregnancy

  • during pregnancy “al-Musawwir (cc)” should be chanted a lot

If pregnant women continue to chant al-Musavvir (cc) by putting their hands on the baby, I hope this child will be beautiful and healthy with this divine name. (Mecmuatül Ahzab, Ahmed Ziyaüddin Gümüşhanevi)

  • Put your hands on your wife and say 99 times. “Ya Mubdi(cc)”It is called (Asset giver).
  • Continuous, “Ya Berr (cc)” It is called (Those whose goodness and goodness and bounties are plentiful).
  • 121 times every day “Ya Kaviyy (cc)” (Very strong).

The following names of Allah (swt) should be read into water and drunk:

  • Ya Musawvir (cc) (Describing, giving shape and character to everything): 21 times
  • Ya Berr (cc) (who has goodness and benevolence to his servants, with abundant blessings): 21 times
  • Ya Quddus (cc) (Free from all deficiencies and faults): 11 times

34 times after prayers “Allahu Akbar”33 times “Hallelujah” and 33 times “Subhanallah” say.

70 times after prayers “Astaghfirullah and etube ilayh” say and repent.

70 thousand “Subhanallahi wa bihamdihi” If it is read, the child will be righteous, it is good to read it in the first four months.

Of course, there are benefits to reading suras and salawat, which we know as prayers for an easy birth, in abundance. In particular, it is beneficial to read the following healing salawat.

Prayer for easy birth

This healing salawat is a well-known prayer and is one of the virtuous salawats that we can recite against our diseases and troubles in our daily lives.

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