Prayers and Surahs to be Read in Regaip Kandil


Prayers to be Read in Regaip Kandil

Regaib KandiliRegaip Kandili It is the first oil lamp celebrated with the coming of the three months. In this article, we will deal with the prayers and prayers to be read in Regaip Kandil.

The prayers to be read in the Regaip Kandil have always been wondered and researched. Here you can find the prayers to be read in this article. regaip The night that is sought after as a word means the night that is bestowed. In other words, the Regaip lamp is the night bestowed and it is a very virtuous night.

About Regaip Kandili

There are various opinions about Regaip Kandili. According to a rumor, Hz. It is called the night when the Prophet (pbuh) fell into his mother’s womb, and according to another narration, Hz. It was said to be the night when our Prophet (pbuh) was in the world when his soul was blown while he was in his mother’s womb.

It coincides with the night that connects the first Thursday of the month of Recep to Friday, that is, because it coincides with the Friday night, this night (Regaib Kandili) is important and special.

It is the night when prayers are not rejected.

Hz. The Prophet (saas) said that there are some nights when prayers are not rejected and explained these nights as follows:

“There are 5 nights in which prayers are not rejected: These nights; Friday night is the first Friday night of Rajab (Regaip Kandili), the fifteenth night of Shaban (Berat Kandili), Ramadan and Eid al-Adha nights.” (Camiu’s-Sagîr, vol. III, p. 454.)

How to Perform Regaip Kandili Prayer?

prayer times

Regaip Kandili Prayer takes place in Ihya Ulumiddin, the work of Imam-i Ghazali. The prayer to be performed on this night is written as twelve (12) rak’ahs.

The prayer is as follows:

  • Surah Fatiha is recited in each rak’ah.
  • Then, three surahs of al-Qadr and 12 surahs of ikhlas are recited.
  • A salute is given in both rak’ahs. In this way, 12 rak’ahs are completed.
  • After saluting, one should go into prostration by saying “Allahumma salli ala Muhammadinin nebiyyil ummiyyi wa ala alihi” 70 times without getting up.
  • While in prostration, this time “Subbuhun kuddusun Rabb-ul melaiketi verruhi” is said 70 times.
  • Afterwards, one sits at etahiyyat by prostrating again, and after saying “Rabbiğfir, erham, and ta’lemu” 70 times, prostration is performed again.
  • After saying “Subbuhun kuddusun rabb-ul melaiketi verruhi” 70 times in prostration, we submit our prayers to Allah, the Lord of the worlds..

It is accepted as bid’ah to perform the regaip prayer in congregation. There is no supererogatory prayer other than the tarawih prayer. in congregation not made.

Prayers to be Read in Regaip Kandil

Regaib night prayer


My God, who is eternal and omnipotent, who is in control of all his works! I absolve you of all kinds of deficient adjectives.

Subhâna’llâhi’l- ehadi’s- samed

My God, who is one and everyone needs him! I deserve you from all the missing qualities.

Subhana’llâhi’l- gafuri’r- rahîm

O my Lord, who is very merciful and very forgiving! I absolve you of all imperfect adjectives.

“Allahumma Salli ala sayyidina Muhammad and ala ali sayyidina Muhammad”

My God!

  • We seek refuge only in You from sadness, helplessness, worry, grief, torment in the grave, cowardice, and hellfire. Make us safe from the evil of the bad ones. O my God, who turns hearts! turn our hearts into beauties that you love and are satisfied with! You have mercy on us and bestow upon us.
  • Grant us to use the abilities and talents you have given us in the way of your consent. Give us good. Guide us and our families. Add them to those whom you have given goodness both here and in the hereafter. Amine.
  • O my Lord! We came to you with our faults and mistakes because we have no other place to go. Forgive us on this blessed night. Keep us and our generation alive with your light. Give life with your light and take it to your presence with your light.
  • Protect yourself from nafs and devils, from sin and jinn devils, from visible and invisible accidents, troubles, calamities, heavenly and earthly troubles, and all kinds of troubles and evils of the End Times.
  • My God! our mistakes and cleanse your sins. O my Lord! Lie us, backbite, slanderCleanse yourself from all the unclean words and deeds that you do not like and are not pleased with.
  • Protect us from showing off and hypocrisy, and make our behavior and attitude oriented in the circle of your consent. Make us sincere and bestow blessings on all the things you have bestowed upon us, O Allah!
  • We greet our Lord Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his family members and all his companions, and by means of this blessed night of Regaib, we ask these from you, accept our prayers, O Allah!..
  • Amine…

What Should We Do on Regaip Kandili Night?

On such blessed nights, the reward of every worship, that is goodness, is 10 at another time, it is more than 100 in Rajab-i Sharif, it is more than 300 in Sha’ban, it is 1000 in Ramadan, and it reaches thousands on Friday nights and 30,000 in Leyla-i Kadir. is rumored. If that is the case, it is our duty not to miss these great rewards.

Here, on this blessed night, your good deeds are raining loudly. Let’s enjoy this night. Let’s spend this night in worship, those who have qada prayers should pray qada prayers.

We should read the Qur’an al-karim and ezkar (dhikr) a lot, recite a lot of salawat and make a lot of repentance and seek forgiveness. We should give alms and be grateful for all kinds of health, blessings and well-being that Allah has given us.

I sincerely congratulate all our brothers, loved ones and the world of Islam’s Regaip night. I pray to Almighty Allah that this blessed night will bring us peace, tranquility, abundance and be a means to our brotherhood.

I hope we have been helpful in the prayers to be read in Regaip Kandil.

Have a Blessed Regaip Kandil…

Greetings My Dear Readers…

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