Prayers and Advice for Peace and Blessings at Home


Who does not want peace at home and of course everyone does. While he was alive, our beloved Prophet (saas) showed us an exemplary and peaceful life, both verbally and physically.

Mutual love and respect are the indispensable conditions for individuals in a family or place to be at home in peace and happiness. That is, there should be tolerance, patience and kindness towards each other.

Everywhere, there are inevitably conflicts between individuals, albeit small ones. We have brought together the prayers that are recommended to be read for us, so that they do not grow, do not move forward and do not disturb the peace.

Prayers for Peace and Blessings at Home

What to do for peace and abundance at home?

  • It is important to sleep early and wake up before sunrise, especially to perform the morning prayer on time. Because morning prayer is a blessing, it is time to distribute sustenance.
  • Let’s always keep in mind the Basmala-i Şerife, which is the head of every good deed.
  • Let’s not dislike blessings and let’s know every blessing as a blessing, let’s be thankful that gratitude increases and increases blessings.
  • It is important to perform prayers on time and recite the Qur’an, which is both food and healing for our soul.
  • It is also important to wake up at night and pray at night.

Of course, more can be added to these. But let’s get back to our article without distracting our topic too much.

Prayer for No Fighting at Home

Prayer for Peace at HomeAllahumma alllef beyne gulubina ve aslihzate brain ve ‘hdina subule’ssalami ve necnina mine’z-zulumati ile’nnuri ve cenniba’l favahişe mazahare minha vema betane

Meal “O Allah, unite our hearts. Heal us and lead us to the paths of salvation. Bring us out of the darkness into the light and keep us away from the open and hidden of great sins (ugliness).

It is recommended to read these verses in the Qur’an 3 or 7 times in a state of ablution. They said 41 times ‘Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. And alkaytu aleyke mehabbeten minni.’ If it is said, love can be established between spouses.

Debtor’s Prayer

“Allâhumme innî e’ûzü bike mine’l-hemmi ve’l-hazenî ve e’ûzü bike mine’l-aczi ve’l keseli ve e’ûzü bike mine’l-cübni ve’l-buhlî ve e’ûzü bike min galabeti’d-deyni and kahri’r-ricâl.”

Turkish Meaning of Debtor’s Prayer

O Allah, I seek refuge in You from sadness, sadness, helplessness and laziness, stinginess, cowardice and being crushed under debt, and from the encroachment of people.

Prayer for Relief from Poverty

“Allâhumme yâ Latîfu edriknî bi-lüt-fike^l-hafiyyi, enê needâcün fakîrun ve ente^l-Ganiyyü^l-Azîz.”

Prayer to Get Rid of Poverty English Meaning

O latif, my God, who is very gracious in his works, bestow upon me with hidden grace. Because I am a needy poor, You are a very rich rich.

Prayer for Family Discord

“Rabbene’ftah beynena wa beyne kavmina bi’l-hakki ve Ente hayrü’l-fatihin.”

Prayer for Family Discord Turkish Meaning

Our Lord, judge between us and our people with truth and justice, and You are the best of judges. (A’raf 89)

You can increase peace and abundance at home by reading these prayers after prayers. We as servants only use our weapons, that is, our prayers We can fight the devil by wearing it. May Allah (swt) accept our prayers. May my Lord grant healing to the troubled servants, healing to the sick servants, and paying the debts to the indebted servants. May it grant peace and blessings to our homes. Amine…

Dhikr to be recited for family peace

God’s one of his names, “Yâ Veliyy celle celalühu” Those who constantly chant their dhikr will be content with Allah’s permission.

Of course, there are many things to read for peace and happiness at home, as long as you have ikhlas and sincerity Let’s read it with.. God bless you.

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