Prayer of Patience – Hadith about Patience and Verses


The Prayer of Patience is the prayer that is read in order to calm down, relax, not be dragged into error, to prevent the rebellion desired by the soul, and to ask for the help of Allah in the troubled times of people.

We are in the middle of troubles and troubles many times throughout our lives, and we have to deal with them. There are some moments when we have difficulties in finding the patience needed to overcome these troublesome situations. In times of trouble like this, we ask Almighty Allah for help and open our hands for patience and ask Him for help and pray for patience.

The person who reads this prayer will be close to Allah when he prays sincerely and from the heart. At that time, Satan moves away from him and cannot give delusions. By Allah’s leave, the servant of Allah will not make the mistake he may have made before prayer, thanks to prayer.

Prayer of Patience

Our Prophet (saas) “Anger is from the devil. Satan was created from fire. As it is known, fire is extinguished with water. When one of you gets angry, he should perform ablution immediately. He ordered and then recommended the following prayer to be recited:

prayer of patience

“Rabbena efriga aleyna sabran ve sebbit agdemena vensurna allel the infidel of the people”

Surah Baccarat 250

Meal; “O our Lord! Pour patience on us, keep our feet firmly on the ground, and help us against the disbelievers.”

The Prayer of Our Prophet (saas) for Relief from Troubles

Prayer for livelihood

“Bismillahi ala nafsi and financial and religious. Allahumma raddini bi-kadaike ve barik li fima quddire li, even la uhibbe ta’cile ma ahhartehu ve te’hira ma acceltehu.”


“My God! I entrust my property, my religion and my soul to you. my god! Make me satisfied with your decision, bless me with what is in my destiny, I do not want the hasty of what you delayed, the delay of what you hasten. Deprive my soul of rebellion, help its surrender.”

in times of difficulty Surah Inshirah We can also read. This surah is already It was revealed in a difficult time of the Prophet. It will be beneficial to read it sincerely by memorizing.

Verses About Patience in the Qur’an

“O you who believe! Be patient, beat (your enemies) in the race of patience!”

Surah Al-i Imran (200)

“We will surely test you with fear, hunger, and some loss of wealth, lives, and fruits. Give good news to those who are patient!”

Surah Al-Baqara (155)

“Those who are patient, those who grit their teeth against disasters and endure, will be rewarded without reckoning.”

Surah Zumar (10)

“But the work of one who is patient and forgives (the wrong done to him), this is one of the deeds worthy of adoption.”

Surah Shura (43)

“O you who believe! Ask Allah for help by being patient with everything that will happen to you and by praying. God is with those who are patient.”

Surah Al-Baqara (153)

“We will certainly try you until we bring out the mujahids and those who are patient among you.”

Surah Muhammad (31)

Prayer of Patience

Hadiths About Patience Prayer

Patience, It is the tolerance shown at the first moment against the shock caused by a painful event. (Bukhari, Janaiz, 32)

For distress, read this prayer:

“La ilahe illallahulazim-ul-halim la ilahe illallahu Rabbul-Arsh-ilazim la ilahe illallahu Rabbus-semavati wa Rabbul-Erdi Rabbul Arshil-kerim.”


Whoever reads Yasin gets bored.(Deylemi)

If you are in trouble;

“Bismillahirahmanirrahim velâ hawle velâ power illa billâhil aliyyil perseverance”

Allah, the Exalted, who says, troubles and from trouble preserves (Ibn Sunni)

For distress, the following should also be observed. It is stated in hadith-i sharifs: Prevent troubles with charity. (Deylemi)

Whoever says that my prayer will be accepted in distress, let him pray a lot in breadth. (Tirmidhi)

Again, hasnunallahu and nimel vekil can be read 100 times.

God help us and get half. Trust God, my dear.

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