Prayer Cleanses People – Dua Surah Verse



Prayer purifies a person both materially and spiritually. Prayer provides us with many worldly and otherworldly benefits. Witnesses are those who pray.

Prayer purifies and elevates a person. Because after belief, the most important and virtuous of the obligatory prayers is prayer. It is an act of worship that makes people progress in all aspects. Our beloved Prophet (saas) said, “The key to Paradise is prayer.” (Tirmidhi) emphasized the importance of praying.

It is said that prayer, which is the most beloved and lofty of deeds and worship, is a believer’s ascension, an indicator of faith, the light of the heart and eyes, and a shelter where troubled hearts find peace. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that prayer is an actual indicator of faith and prayer makes people human.

Prayer cleans people

PrayerPrayer is the foundation of your religion and is the outward manifestation of one’s stance towards God. A person who performs a prayer stands in the presence of Allah with his hands and arms tied.

The prayer performed with sincerity and the bowing and prostration in the prayer give pleasure and taste to the person. It’s called awe. A prayer performed in this state has numerous benefits both for the person performing it and for those around him. With that peace, his soul is filled with joy and the doors of material and spiritual peace are opened.

Because when a person prays with sincerity and awe, that person will not do evil, nor will he be one of those who harm his society. On the contrary, he will be one of those who do useful work.

You ask why? Prayer is both an emotional and mental cleansing as well as the body. That is why a person who performs prayers constantly remembers Allah, remembers the Hereafter, remembers Paradise and Hell, and stays away from evil and ugliness. In other words, prayer makes people valuable.

A person who is educated and disciplined with prayer lives with a sense of responsibility. He acts consciously towards himself, his family, society and even inanimate objects. It reflects the human being, that is, being a decent human being, to them through prayer.

With the prayer performed with sincerity in the sight of Allah, a person gains both Allah’s pleasure and approval and becomes a servant worthy of entering Paradise.

Benefits of Prayer

First of all, let’s pay attention to the point that the purpose of all worship like prayer is divine consent. And it is done because Allah commands it. The things we call benefits can only be an incentive factor, not the main reason.

A person who performs prayers always remembers and knows Allah. He always knows himself in His presence in every state and time. This state does not allow bad things to dwell in one’s mind. Even if he does, he can fight it. After all, isn’t the beginning of every evil we see to forget Allah, the mother?

A person who prays puts his life in order. Because the necessity of being in the presence of Allah at certain times, 5 times a day, leads us to live in an order and discipline. We adjust our lives according to the zones of prayer times, my life will be permanent in a regular and disciplined way.

Every prayer reminds us of our responsibilities, gives an accounting and control opportunity. Just as an officer, when there is an inspection, does his duty more carefully, does his work in an orderly way, just like that, a person who goes to the presence of the creator with prayer remembers his responsibilities and maintains his life with an accounting and control.

A person who prays is at peace in heart and peaceful in spirit. With prayer, he gets rid of the hustle and bustle of his life and takes a spiritual breath.

With prayer, a person can reach the desire for eternal life in a blissful way. Because Hz. The Prophet (saas) pointed to this by saying, “The key to Paradise is prayer.”

By praying, we also have the opportunity to atone for minor sins. For, the Messenger of Allah (saas) said, “Allah forgives the minor sins of a person who performs his prayer on time, between two prayers.” he said.

Inevitably, everyone will die and enter the grave. Who wouldn’t want the inside of the grave to be enlightened? It is understood from the statements of hadith-i sharifs that prayer will protect it from the darkness of the grave and the hardships of the grave.

Here’s what it means Ottoman Turkish Below is a nice picture. (In today’s Turkish: It is written prayer is bright for dark graves)

prayer person

The word “work is worship” has been eroded a little these days. It has been said that all the worldly deeds and works of a person praying with good intentions (such as being useful) can be regarded as worship. Here they emphasized prayer.

Yes, prayer cleans people and makes them holy. How happy are they that they pray duly they make it..

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