Our Prophet’s (saas) Journey to Taif (620)


Taif Journey Date: 620

Reason for the trip to Taif: After the death of his uncle and his wife, the oppression and persecution of our Prophet (saas) increased. Both for this reason and to spread the religion of Islam outside of Mecca, he took his adopted son Zayd (ra) with him and set out on a taife expedition.

Taif Journey Result: Our Prophet (saas) met with the notables of the people of Taif and invited them to Islam. But the treatment he received was no different than in Mecca. While leaving for our Prophet (saas), who stayed here for 10 days, the slaves of the people of Taif threw stones and tortured him along a 2.5-kilometer road. And they absolutely rejected the religion of Islam.

A Brief Summary of the Prophet’s (saas) Journey to Taif

After the death of his uncle and wife, the Prophet (saas) went on a taife expedition, taking his adopted son Zayd (ra) with him in 620, in order to spread the religion of Islam and the increasing pressure. Taif is the reason for your journey.

First of all, he met with the notables of the Taif people. These were 3 brothers named Abdi Yalil, Mesud and Habib. These three brothers made it clear that they did not want our Prophet (saas) and his religion. They even replied insultingly. The result was clear. Our Prophet (saas) made a final request and asked that these conversations not be conveyed to the polytheists in Mecca.

On the way back, our Prophet (saas) confines himself to a vineyard. This bond belongs to the sons of Rube, two fierce enemies of Islam, Utbe and Shayba. Hz. To Utba, who broke Abu Bakr’s (ra) nose. They watch the persecution of our Prophet (saas) from afar. Against these events, the persecution of one of their fellow countrymen in other lands must have increased their human feelings, so they sent a plate of grapes with their slave Addas.

After the conversation between our Prophet (saas) and Addas, Addas accepted Islam and fell into the hands of our Prophet (saas). Seeing this situation, Utbe and Addas muttered, “The man made the slave look like himself”.

The Prayer of Our Prophet (saas) on His Journey to Taif

“My God! I present to you the inadequacy of my strength, the helplessness of my means and means, and my contempt in the eyes of people! I’m complaining to you! O Most Merciful of the Merciful! You are the Lord of the weak and You are my Lord! In whose hands are you leaving me? To the harsh people who are far from you and who pout when they see me? Or is my case against an enemy that you will overpower me? If this calamity and trouble upon me is not actually due to your wrath and anger against me, I will not grieve at all. I take refuge in the Light of Your Vechi! To the Light that the darkness was opened thanks to Him, and the affairs of the world and the hereafter were corrected with Him. Your forgiveness for me is greater than your wrath. And everything is for Your pleasure. All power and might is in your hands alone.”

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