Our Prophet’s Marriages and Wisdom – Dua Surah Verse


The marriages and wisdom of the Prophet

The marriage of the Prophet is an important subject that contains many wisdoms. These marriages are never selfish, on the contrary, they are in the nature of wisdom and lessons.

In this article, we will look at what the Prophet’s marriages are, and we will look at the wisdom of these marriages.

The Wisdom of Our Prophet’s Polygamy

When the subject of the marriages of the Prophet is examined, the second marriage is the first wife of Hz. It happened 2.5 years after Hatice’s death when she was 53 years old. However, Hz. One of the wives of the Prophet (saas) Except for Aisha, all his wives were widows. Even from these two points of view, none of these marriages are sensual.

Those who speak out about the marriage of our Prophet do it out of hatred, envy and enmity. If Hz. If the Prophet (saas) had married more for his own whims and whims, first of all, he would have married more when he was young. However, these marriages took place after the age of 53, which can be called old age.

If the claims of the enemies of Islam and those who view it with malice were true, Hz. Prophet (pbuh) used to recommend that he marry virgins and young girls, not widows and old women. When we look at the marriages of our Prophet, only Hz. Our mother Aisha was a virgin. Others were women who had either been married once or twice, had children from their previous husbands, or were quite advanced in age.

When we look at people’s lives, half of their day and an important part of their life is spent at home. In this period of time, being a complete guide to people, that is, what we should do at home, was seen in different eyes and nature and conveyed to us. In other words, if Allah had been one, he would have been the Prophet with a single point of view and nature. It may not have been enough for the Prophet’s home state and its full transmission to us.

Almighty Allah He counted the wives of the Prophet as the mothers of the believers and stated that it was not permissible to marry them after that. Hz. These are the names of the mothers of us believers, who are the immaculate wives of the Prophet (saas).

Wives from the Quraysh tribe:
1. Hz. Hatice
2. Hz. To Sevde bint Zem
3. Hz. Aisha
4. Hz. Hafsa
5. Hz. Umm Habiba
6. Hz. Umm Salama

His wives from Arabs other than the Quraysh tribe:
1. Hz. Zeynep bint Cahsh
2. Hz. Maymune bint Harris
3. Hz. Zeynep bint Huzeyme
4. Hz. Juwayriye bint Haris

Non-Arab women:
1. Safiyya bint Huyey from Banu Nadr tribe
2. Mariyya al-Kiptiyya.

Hz. Hatice

Hz. The first marriage of the Prophet (saas) at the age of twenty-five. Hz. Hatice did with. Hz. Hatice was a 40-year-old widow from the Esedoğulları branch of the Quraysh tribe. However, his wealth, intelligence, honor, chastity and manners were too much.

Because of her high morals and superior qualities, she was called “Tahira” (that is, very clean) before Islam and “Hadice-tül-Kübra” after Islam. Hz. Hz. Muhammad (saas) witnessed his justice and superior morality. After a short time, it was decided to marry with the consent of the relatives.

The wedding council It was established in Hatice’s house. Speeches were made by Ebu Talib and Varaka bin Nevfel, and the wedding was held by Varaka bin Nevfel. A unique lady, Hz. During the marriage of our mother Hatice, Hz. Muhammad (saas) has always served and helped.

This marriage lasted 25 years, 15 years before his prophethood and 10 years after his prophethood, until his death. Hz. The Prophet (saas) was the first his wife Hz. Hatice did not marry anyone else while she was alive.

Hz. Hatice had 6 children, two boys and four girls. The names of her children were Kasım, Zeyneb, Rukayye, Umm Kulthum, Fatima and Abdullah (Tayyib). He married during his prophethood. He also had a son, Abraham, from Mary. He did not have children with his other wives.

Hz. Zeynep was the eldest of her daughters, and her youngest daughter, Fatima, was born when the Prophet was forty years old. As his sons died at a young age, Hz. Other than Fatima, all his daughters died before him. Hz. Fatima is also Hz. He died six months after the Prophet (saas). She had married Hazrat Ali. The descendants of our Prophet (saas) Fatma’s sons Hz. Hasan and Hz. continued with Hussein.

Hz. The Prophet got his second marriage when he was 55 years old. Abu Bakr’s (ra) daughter Hz. Ayse He did it with (ra). This marriage is It happened one year after Hatice’s death, by the command of Allah. Hz. She lived with Ayşe for 8 years until her death.

Other marriages were mostly for religious, political reasons or by mercy, with Allah’s permission. Most of these ladies were widowed and old. In our other articles, we will write about the marriage of our Prophet separately, inshallah.

God bless you all.

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