Our Prophet’s Encouragement to the World – Dua Surah Verse



Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) was born in Mecca in 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal 571, when he created 18 thousand worlds for the sake of his face and water, which our Almighty Lord values ​​most.

This blessed day, which corresponds to April 20, is a great day for humanity. The last prophet, whom Allahu Teala, the most honorable person in the universe, called my Habib, Mercy to the Worlds, the rose-faced Prophet (saas) was sent to humanity as the best example of Islam, almost as a living Qur’an.

How lucky are we to be the Ummah of such a Prophet. We are reading such a sublime book, namely the Qur’an. We thank our Lord for the greatest miracle of our Prophet, the Qur’an, and the Sunnah of our Prophet.

Childhood of Our Prophet

Hazrat Abdullah, the father of our beloved Prophet (saas), passed away in Medina on his return from a commercial expedition. His mother, Amina, was the daughter of Abdulmanaf, the chief of Zuhre, one of the arms of the Quraysh tribe.

At that time, people had the custom of breastfeeding their children by giving them to a wet nurse, so Suwayba, the concubine of his uncle Abu Lahab, was nursed until the Prophet (pbuh) was given milk by his own mother, Amina, who had only been breastfed a few times.

Later, Hazrat Halima, a member of Beni Sad, one of the arms of the hevazin tribe living in the deserts adjacent to Mecca, nursed the Prophet for a long time. The heavy and hot weather of Mecca at that time seemed harmful to the development and health of children. In addition, the Arabic language of the Meccans, who were in contact with people from all walks of life on the occasion of Hajj, was under the influence of foreigners.


The Prophet spent about two and a half years among the Tribe of Bani, where he was physically and spiritually preparing for the Mission to the Future Apostle. As our Prophet (saas) himself said, he was the most eloquent of the Arabs. His unique address was shaped here. It is obvious that our Lord made him grow in the best way possible.


The occasion of blessings, which brings blessings wherever he goes and a cloud follows him above his head, was told by Hazrat Halima when he stayed in his foster mother’s house when he was a child, when he was a baby, he sucked his right breast and left his left breast to his foster sister.

In addition, the fact that barren goats give milk, chickens lay eggs several times a day and the environment in which he lives is fertile are signs of how special he is. Of course, the arrival of the Last Prophet, Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi and Sellem, who was expected to come from the creation of humanity, was accompanied by great miracles.

Miracles That Happened When Our Prophet Was Born

Some wonderful events took place on the night our Prophet (saas) was born. This miracles is as follows. According to what Hazrat Amine reported, she did not suffer any trouble during her pregnancy and birth, and when the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was born, it was seen that a light that illuminates between the east and the west came from him.

The idols in the Kaaba fell upside down on the night our Prophet was born. Hz. In a dream that our mother Amine saw while she was pregnant with the Prophet, she was told that she was pregnant with an important person and that the child to be born would be named Muhammed and Ahmet. In addition, Hazrat Amine never suffered from labor pains.

According to the narration of Hazrat Aisha, a Jew, who was engaged in business in Mecca, died on the night our Prophet (saas) was born. He saw the birth of a star, the sign of the Prophet’s arrival in the world. Come to the assemblies of Quraysh immediately, O Qurayshis, have any of you had a child born tonight? she asked.

They said they don’t know. O Jewish community of Quraysh, know well what I have told you. Tonight, the Prophet of the end times was born. All signs point in this direction. “There is a black and yellow mole with hairs on it between his two shoulder blades,” he said.

The assembly dispersed, amazed at what the Jew said. When they arrived at their house, they told the Jews’ words to their families. When the family of some said that Abdullah’s son was born and they named him Muhammad, then they went to the house of the Jew and did you know that a child was born in Mecca? they said.

No, he asked before or after I informed you. First, they called his born name Ahmet. Upon his request, they took this Jewish scholar to the house of Hazrat Amina. Our mother, Hazrat Amina, showed them her blessed son.

Seal of Prophecy

He fainted when he saw the seal of prophethood on the back of our Jewish Prophet (saas). When he sobered up, they said to him, “What’s wrong?” The Jew said, “By Allah, prophecy from the Israelites is gone. The book will be gone too. It is written that the last prophet will kill the Israelites and discredit the clergy.

Arabs will be a great honor and honor with this baby. O people of Quraysh, rejoice. By Allah, you will have a force that will reach from east to west.” When the Jewish religious man sees the beauty of our Prophet, I cannot look at the face of the most beautiful and honorable creature. And he said, ‘He is the last prophet, follow him.

Another miracle of our Prophet (saas) is that he was born circumcised. He was also washed by angels and had the seal of prophethood put on his back.

On the night our Prophet (saas) was born, stars fell from the sky. When the Messenger of Allah was born, stars fell from the sky like leaves of Hazan at night. This incident indicated that From now on, the devils and jinns did not receive news from the sky. In other words, the most honorable person in the universe, who put an end to events mixed with lies that deceive half-hearted people, such as fortune-telling and prophecy, gave honor to the world.

Also, on the day our Prophet (saas) was born, the fire that had been burning for 1000 years in Iranian temples went out.

14 columns were destroyed in the Kisra palace. The Semave Valley, a stoneless desert between Kufa and life, was flooded. At that moment, the devil let out a louder cry than he had ever been in his life. The honor of humanity, the apple of the universe’s eye, our beloved prophet Hz. Mohammed Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam was born like a Sun that illuminates all the darkness.

We Are Honored With Our Prophet

All humanity, enlightened by his presence, gained such a value with him that life gained meaning with the arrival of the Last Prophet, Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi and Sellem, who was a curtain to all evils. He is such a beauty that our Almighty Lord was complimenting him that I sent you as a mercy to the worlds.

We were honored with his coming, are we the only ones, all the creatures were honored and had a feast.

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