Our Future is in People with Good Morals


I hope we will write an article on good morals. Yes, there are national and spiritual elements such as written and unwritten rules, bonds, principles and sensitivities among people who have lived in society throughout history. In this context, the main subject that compiles, directs and brings order and order to relations is morality.

Good morals are the generally accepted behavior patterns and habits that people who make up the society adopt together and voluntarily follow. We call all of these forms of behavior “Ethics Rules”. These rules are also important rules that our religion attaches importance to.

Good morals are good habits that make both the person and the other person happy, good, and leave pleasant feelings!..

What is Good Morality?

How to learn good morals? Yes, first of all, it is acquired through education, reading, making friends with experienced people, whom we call cultured and old. However, it is adopted by reading and interpreting the lives of sages and scholars who have left their mark on history.

Good morals are to tolerate those who are created with the power of belief in Him, by thinking of the Creator. A person with good morals does not have negative behaviors such as swearing, lying, sarcasm, jealousy, backbiting, stinginess, or they are at a minimum level.

People with good morals display pure, sincere, plain and clean behaviors. They know how to shut up and listen. They are patient, hardworking, forgiving, always speaking the truth. They are smiling and sweet-tongued.

They do not upset anyone or take care not to upset them. They never curse and are tolerant. They know how to be grateful and do good deeds. They do not see the faults and faults of others, but they try their best to eliminate their own faults and faults. Always looking for ways to be better and right.

A person with good morals shows love, compassion and understanding not only to people but also to all living things. They do not gossip, and they duly warn those who do.

Hadiths on Good Morals

The hadiths of our Prophet (saas) guide us in having good morals.

“No father has left his child a legacy superior to good morals.”

“Undoubtedly, good morals melt sins like the sun melts ice.”

“Your wealth is not enough to please people. But you can please them with a smiling face and good morals.”

“Mentity adorns and removes ugliness.”

“The best person is the one with the most beautiful character.”

“The most virtuous believer is the one with the best morals.”

“Religion is morality.”

Of course, it is not easy to have good morals or to be blessed. It takes effort, it takes effort, it takes sacrifice.

What is Chastity and Virtue?


It is necessary to dwell on these two words. What is iffet? It is to be ashamed when doing a bad deed, to have shame, to have pity, to try to be good-natured, to have self-control, to respect everyone’s rights, to forgive.

So what is “Virtue”? Virtue is all of the good habits and behaviors found in a person. That is, to behave in a humane way. Virtue, in short, is all the values ​​that make a person human.

Having moral virtue means that a person is more human-like or more close to perfection than others. It is goodness itself. Being kind, showing loyalty, being prudent are both virtues and steps of good morals.

Let’s not forget that the basis of good morals is belief, deeds, worship, efforts to win Allah’s approval, belief in the Hereafter and belief in the Hereafter. prayer There are those that motivate us to be moral and become our mainstay.

What we need most is generations with good morals.

Morality, that is, virtue, is the behavior that we should all have in our young people who are increasingly addicted to technology and become lonely. If we are human, we are human by morality, human by virtue. Let’s not forget that we rise with morality and have civilization. It is obvious that immorality will destroy us and our generations.

If countries can have a say in the world with development and technology, the indicator that shows the state of their people and societies is civilization, that is morality. Yes, with morality and virtue, we become a true society. What we need is sophistication and morality.

Yes, being moral is difficult, the cost is sacrifice, it takes effort, it takes struggle. But we have to do this for ourselves, for our country, for our nation. because the future virtuous are people.

Sometimes, being moral seems like harm, but in reality there is never any harm, as Allah is with those people and their end is definitely good.

So, let’s start with ourselves, our children and our environment in order to be moral individuals. Let’s make our future moral individuals together. I believe and trust you. We will succeed!..

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