One of the Great Sins – Gambling


What is gambling? What is the ruling? How is it explained with verses and hadiths? In this article, we have compiled these topics and brought them together.

Gambling is one of the major sins and has many personal and social damages. The rules of our religion on this issue are clear. There is no need for tawala.

Religious Provisions About Gambling

Islam has made many kinds of games and entertainment halal, as well as all kinds of games that involve gambling. In the Qur’an;

“O you who believe! Wine, gambling, obelisks (idols) and arrows of luck are the work of the devil. Stay away from them so that you may attain salvation. Satan seeks to incite enmity and hatred among you by means of wine and gambling, and to hinder you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. You’ve given up (these) now, haven’t you?” (al-Maida 5/90-91) is commanded.

The word “maysir” in the verse is mostly explained as gambling, and since it is mentioned together with wine, gambling is named as wine’s brother and friend. Ibn Omar and a group of natural scholars kept the content of the word maysir in the verse quite broad and said that even the walnut game played by children is gambling. Ibn al-Arabi’s;

MaysirIt is a haram job that is not possible to do at the moment and there is no benefit in explaining it. It is more appropriate to erase its name and shape from memories and lines.” As it is understood from his explanation of the form, Ibn ‘Arabi understood the maysir mentioned in the verse as a type of gambling that was present in the first periods but then gradually disappeared.

Views of Islamic Scholars About Meysir

There are two views on why Maysir is a sin and is prohibited. According to the first view reported from Ibn Abbas;

“Maysir was considered a sin and prohibited because it prevented the remembrance of Allah and prayer and caused enmity among people.”

According to the other view reported by Süddî; “It is considered a sin because it causes oppression and injustice”.

It seems that Islamic scholars have interpreted maysir comprehensively to include both gambling and some simple games that are not considered gambling.

The fact that some games and distractions that are not considered gambling are considered gambling can be explained by the effort to prohibit in advance the forms and methods that may turn into gambling in the future, although it is essentially legitimate, in order to prevent gambling, which tends to spread rapidly in the society and affect younger generations, as is probably the case with alcohol.

Gambling is prohibited as a principle in both the Qur’an and hadiths, and the prohibition of gambling is shown on a few examples by not counting what constitutes gambling. Naturally, it cannot be concluded that only the above-mentioned forms of gambling are prohibited.

While Islam prohibits gambling, it does not target certain types of gambling, but the result it leads to. In this respect, the principle of Muslims in the Qur’an and Sunnah. “ban on gambling” they need to reconsider and interpret according to their own conditions and societies in every era and period.

For this, both the environment and purpose of the religious scriptures, orders and prohibitions must be well known, and the bad habits that have become an epidemic in the society in which they live and their negative consequences must be constantly monitored.

Gambling Prohibition

First of all, of course, a Muslim needs to have fun and have a good time. Man is not an angel. However, it is essential not to cross the line of legitimacy while having fun.

On the other hand, a Muslim’s earnings should not depend on chance and coincidence, but should be the product of his efforts and hard work. As a matter of fact, in a verse;

“What is for the benefit of man is only the result of his own effort” (an-Najm 53/39) is commanded.

More importantly, it is haram to take and eat other people’s property illegally. In the verse;

“Do not eat your property among yourselves by means of false and unjust means, but eat out of a trade based on mutual consent and goodwill” (an-Nisa 4/29) is commanded.

After it is not done through legitimate means, the apparent consent of the parties, as in gambling, does not render the property obtained through gambling halal. In fact, even if the losing side seems to be content with what he has given, it is unlikely that he will be content with it.

On the other hand, gambling, like many other types of entertainment and deception, is becoming an epidemic as an exploitation of hope in societies and segments where unemployment, poverty and class imbalance are large in countries that have not completed their economic development.

Each time, both a large group of people become victims and a few more problematic people are added to the society, who are rich without deserving, effort or sweat. As a result, it is inevitable that gambling will lead to grudge, hatred and enmity between the parties.

In addition to these, the social wounds that the act of gambling will cause and the disasters that it will cause are clear as day. As the Qur’an puts it, it is necessary to ask those who see, know and can speculate on all this: “You’ve given up (these) now, haven’t you?”

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