Miracles of the Prophet: The Talking Wolf – Dua Surah Verse


The miracles of our Prophet are so many that his witnesses are thousands. His miracles appeared in the animal world, in plants, that is, in everything animate and inanimate. These miracles give us enthusiasm and Hz. It reminds us of the Prophet (saas).

Inshallah, we will tell about a wolf that speaks from the animal world as the miracles of our Prophet.

Once upon a time, there was a smart shepherd who grazes the animals of the people in the city where he lives and makes a living in this way. This shepherd was also a reliable person and always took care of the trusts given to him.

Once, while grazing his flock as usual, he suddenly realized that no matter what he saw, a wolf was approaching and attacking his flock. That wolf snatched a goat with one quick move.

He caught our boil and the legs of the goat, which was thrown with great pain. On the one hand, the wolf, on the other hand, started to pull the shepherd goat.

The shepherd finally managed to get the animal, and he took it from the wolf’s mouth. But then something very interesting happened.

Talking Wolf

The wolf suddenly began to speak and said to him: Didn’t you fear Allah, you never took my sustenance from me. The shepherd said, “What a strange thing, does the wolf ever talk?”

The wolf said that you are the strangest thing, the shepherd said why. Because there is someone behind this mountain, he is the prophet of Allah, he is calling you to heaven, but you do not hear this invitation, your attitude is more interesting than my speech.

The shepherd began to think in astonishment. My God, I am a human being, but I do not even know about this prophet you sent to us, this wolf is an animal, but he is aware of it. Then he said to the wolf, if I go, who will look after these animals and who will shepherd them?

The wolf said, ‘I’ll be a shepherd for you. The shepherd left his flock to the wolf and went to Mecca. He found our beloved Prophet (saas) there and believed in him. Then he asked permission from him and went back to his flock.

He saw that the wolf really kept his promise, he was shepherding his flock, but he had a doubt and thought to count these animals. When the herd came out, he slaughtered a goat and turned it into a wolf. gift has done. Why that wolf to that shepherd? guidance He did it and helped him come to faith.

They said that the miracles of the Prophet were more than 1000. Even the animals They know the Prophet and obey his words. Of course, if we humans are human, we should follow him and do what he says.

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