Miracles of Our Prophet: Utba Bin Abu Lahab


Miracles of our Prophet

The miracles of our Prophet are so many that he has many witnesses and many. In this article, we deal with the subject of Utbe bin Ebu Lahab, one of the polytheists.

The miracles of our Prophet give us enthusiasm and Hz. One of those miracles reminds us of the Prophet (saas), how did Utba bin Abu Lahab pay a heavy price for his behavior?

Islam had not yet come. Our beloved Prophet (saas) had not yet been given the mission of envoy. It was at this time that our Prophet engaged one of his daughters to Utba bin Abu Lahab.

Shortly after this engagement was made, the first revelation came to our Prophet (saas) and the last messenger of Allah began to invite people to Islam. First of all, he was calling his close relatives to the true religion. Among those invited were Utba and his father Abu Lahab.

However, they did not accept Islam and became enemies of our Prophet (saas). After a while, Utba came to our Prophet (saas) and both disrespected and said some ugly words. Then he said I broke off my engagement with your daughter. He did not stop, this traitor tore the shirt of our Prophet (saas).

This insult and behavior made our Prophet (pbuh) very upset that he never did anything offensive to them, and never once spoke a bad word against them. Now he responded in the same way, that is, he did not act hurtfully to her and did not say bad words like he did.

A Prayer and a Lion

The Prophet just opened his hands and prayed and said, “O Allah, let one of your dogs haunt him.” Not long after this prayer of our Prophet (saas), Utba was prepared to set out with a crowded caravan to Damascus for trade.

his father Abu Lahab heard this prayer and came to the caravan in a hurry and warned everyone to take special precautions. The caravan was on its way, and they were happily making their way through the desert.

After a while, a big lion suddenly appeared and attacked the caravan. The people in this caravan had seen a lion before, but this was a bigger lion. They were terrified and fled in fear.

However, this lion’s problem was different, he was not attacking anyone, as if he was looking for someone. No matter what Utba bin Abu Lahab did, in the end, that lion found him in the caravan. He immediately attacked and smashed it.

Allah heard this plea of ​​the messenger of Allah’s beloved and responded. disrespectfully Our Prophet Utba bin Abu Lahab, who tore his shirt and insulted him, died in the claws of the lion.

Hz. It is one of the rare curses made by the Prophet, and its response was quickly revealed. Our duty is to follow him (pbuh) and attain salvation.

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