Mevlana’s Seven Advice and Its Meaning


Dear brothers and sisters, in this article, we will discuss the Seven Advices and Meanings of Mevlana. As you can appreciate, Mevlana is an important person devoted to the path of Allah. Mevlana, who has been a light to humanity with his life and works, and who has solved the matter and meaning, also guided people with his advice and became a light. Mevlana’s Seven Advice and Its Meaning Before we deal with the subject, let’s know who Mevlana is, dear friends.

Who is Hazrat Mevlana?

According to the Gregorian calendar, Mevlana was born on September 30, 1207 in the city of Belh in the country of Khorasan in Afghanistan. Real name Jalaluddin Mohammedis . His mother is Mümine Hatun and his father is “Sultanü’l-ulema” well “The Sultan of Scholars” known as Bahaeddin Veled’is

Hazrat Mevlana had to leave the city of Belh with his family due to political events and the upcoming Mongolian Invasion and came to Anatolia. Hazrat Mevlana in 1225 He married Gevher Hatun. From this marriage of Mevlana Bahaeddin Muhammed (Sultan Veled) and two sons, whom he named Alaeddin Çelebi. Mevlana married Kira Hatun after the death of his first wife, Gevher Hatun.

After residing in Karaman for seven years, His Holiness Mevlana became the Sultan of Anatolian Seljuks. Aladdin KeykubatIn 1228, by accepting the invitation of KonyaHe came to and settled here. The Sultan welcomed them with a magnificent ceremony and they assigned the Altunapa (İplikçi) Madrasa to their residence.

Mevlana’s Seven Advice

Mevlana’s Seven Advice and Its Meaning

The seven advices of Hazrat Mevlana are as follows:

  1. Be like a stream in generosity and helping.
  2. Be like the sun as in tenderness and mercy.
  3. Be like the night in covering others flaws.
  4. Be like the dead in anger and irritability.
  5. Be like the earth in humility and humility.
  6. Be like the sea in tolerance.
  7. Either appear as you are or be as you look.

1. Be like a stream in generosity and helping

Generosity: It means the tendency to make available resources for the benefit of others, voluntarily and without expecting anything in return. In this advice, Mevlana emphasized the importance of help and generosity. Generosity is not only about money or material things, it is necessary to be generous in love, smile, and respect.

2. Be like the sun in compassion and mercy

compassion It literally means pity, compassion, mercy. Mercy To pity means to show compassion. Mevlana, on the other hand, advised us to be very merciful, as the sun illuminates every place, and asked us not to be like an object that gives little and dim light, like a candle, but to be like the sun that illuminates the world with our mercy.

3. Be like the night in covering up the faults of others

Just as imperfections are covered in the dark at night, and the roughness of the mountains and hills cannot be seen, the faults of others should not be seen either. And we should not cover up the faults of others and embarrass them.

4. Be dead in anger and irritability

When a person gets angry, he sees nothing and maybe even breaks hearts that he could never break. Mevlana also said in this advice that we should not act with anger and likened this calmness to death. Just as a person remains motionless like a dead branch when death comes, so should a person be dead at the time of anger.

5. Be earthy in humility and humility

Humility as a word “simplicity” means. Regardless of one’s rank, position, position, one should not forget that he came from the land. And he should act accordingly. With his rank and position, he should not see himself as superior and should not be an evil.

6. Be like the sea in tolerance

Tolerance : Even if it seems contrary to itself, it means to tolerate everything as much as possible by accepting it with understanding. Mevlana likened being tolerant to being as vast and wide as the sea.

7. Either appear as you are or be as you appear

While Hazrat Mevlana was alive, there is no need to pretend, to have different personalities, different habits, different characters at different times and in different places, we should always stay away from hypocrisy and look the way we are. A person should not wear a mask to cover his own characteristics, his own habits, and behave as he really is, and should not behave differently depending on the time and situation.

Works of Mevlana


It is a work consisting of six volumes containing approximately 26 thousand couplets. Stories told based on verses and hadiths, in which various subjects related to everything created in this work are discussed, jokeThere are proverbs, proverbs and lessons to be learned from them.

Divan-i Kebir:

In Dîvân-ı Kebir, which began to be written before the Mesnevi, it consists of twenty-one small divans containing approximately 40 thousand couplets, containing ghazals, poems, rubais, and rubais, which were sung at different times by Hazrat Mevlana. .

Fih-i Ma-Fih:

As the meaning of the word “it is inside” This work, which means, contains the conversations of Hazrat Mevlana.

To Mecalis-i Seb:

semantic “Seven Assemblies” This work, which means, contains the seven sermons of Hazrat Mevlana, as the name suggests.


It contains 147 (one hundred and forty-seven) letters written by Mevlana to his relatives, relatives, friends, amirs and viziers, including his son Sultan Veled.

With greetings and prayers thick my friends….

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