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Surah Inshirah Hz. It is a holy surah that tells about the Prophet’s (saas) opening his chest and reaching relief, and which was revealed in the most troubled time, and is named after the word inshirah, which means relief.

In this article, we will explain the Arabic reading of Surah Inshirah, its meaning, virtues and the meaning of Diyanet in detail. You can also listen to the reading of Surah Inshirah.

Meaning of Surah Inshirah

Surah Inshirah is the ninety-fourth surah of the Qur’an and was revealed during the Meccan period. It is one of the short suras, that is, it has 8 verses. Inshirah, as a word, means to open and expand in the dictionary.

Although this surah is read both in prayers, it is one of the most well-known and read suras when we say to get rid of troubles and to relax. It is also known as the Elem Neşrah Leke Surah among the people.

It is one of the first descended suras, and it is in the sixth place after the Duha Surah in order of inzal. Some Islamic scholars have strong connections between these two suras in meaning and effect.

Almighty Allah, with this surah, Hz. He tells the Prophet about his spiritual blessings and states that there will be ease with every difficulty. Muslims were given consolation and hope along with the Messenger of Allah (saas), who had difficulties due to the pressure of the polytheists in Mecca. worship and they are asked to continue their obedience.

Surah Inshirah in Arabic

Surah Inshirah

Bismillahirrahmânirrahim. 1- Elem neşrah blot sadrek, 2-Ve vada’na anke vizrek(e), 3-Ellezi en gada zahrek(e), 4-Ve refa’na blot zikrek(e), 5-Feinne me’al’ usri yusra(n), 6-Inne me’al’usri yusra(n), 7-Feiza ferağte fensab, 8-Ve ila rabbike ferğab

Surah Inshirah in Turkish

1-(O Muhammad) Didn’t we open your bosom (chest) and widen it?, 2-3 Didn’t we take that load of your waist and lift it? 4- Have we not exalted your glory? 5- Of course, with hardship there is no doubt that there is ease 6- Yes, there is another ease with that difficulty 7- So when you are idle, start another job 8- And turn to your Lord only (beg him)

Listen to Surah Inshirah

If you want to listen to Surah Inshirah, which is in the Quran, which opens the doors of comfort to us and gives important information, we publish its video with a great sound below. This surah, which gives peace to listen continuously, is read by repeating 50 times.

Virtue of Surah Inshirah

Those who are bored and constricted, depressed, should continue to recite this surah 70 times every day in order to get rid of these problems and come to safety.

It is stated that those who do not recite this surah seven times a day will get rid of heart trouble and get plenty of sustenance by Allah’s leave.

Those who continue to read this surah 10 times after 5 daily prayers will get rid of heart trouble. inshirah reported to be found.

Again, if it is recited after the obligatory prayers, all their affairs will be facilitated by Allah and their sustenance will be blessed, and they will be provided with sustenance from unexpected places as they get rid of their troubles.

Let’s memorize this blessed chapter and read it as much as we can, especially after the obligatory prayers.

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