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The life chronology of the Prophet is something that every Muslim should know. It is a duty to know this person (pbuh), who was sent as a mercy for people.

Undoubtedly, there are many lessons we can learn from every moment of the life of the Messenger of Allah (saas). Here is the life chronology of our Prophet, which we will cover in this article, and the life of that prophet of mercy, inshallah, will come to life in our eyes.

Our Prophet’s Life Chronology

571– Elephant Incident: Abyssinia’s Yemen Governor, Ebrehe, attacked the Kaaba, but was defeated by the attack of the Ababil birds in an unexpected way.

April 20 571– On the 12th night of the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal, the Prophet of Mercy. Muhammad (saas) honored the world.

575– He stayed with Halime, who was his foster mother, for 4 years and his mother Hz. Returning to Amine

576– The Prophet’s mother, Amine, and Umm Ayman, who served them, visited her father’s grave in Medina, and upon his return, his mother passed away in Ebva, and after that, he took his grandfather Abdulmuttalib under his protection.

579– His grandfather Abdulmuttalib immigrated to the hereafter. The Prophet began to stay with and under the protection of his uncle Abu Talib.

583– He went to Damascus by caravan for trade with his uncle Abu Talib. In Busra, a priest named Priest Bahira discovered that the Messenger of Allah was the last expected prophet.

590– His neutrality in the Fijar war, which lasted for 4 years between Quraysh and Hevâzîn, and as a result, his participation in the Hilfu’l-Füdul (Treaty of the Virtuous) society. Our Prophet was always proud of this throughout his life.

591– He started to deal with trade

596– He went to Damascus for trade. Three months later, Mr. He married Hatice Validemiz. Hz. He had 2 sons and 4 daughters from Hatice. They had six children named Kasım, Zeyneb, Rukiyye, Ümmü Gülsüm, Fatima and Abdullah, respectively.

605– He resolved the conflict between the tribes during the reconstruction of the Kaaba.

Life Chronology of Our Prophet; Prophetic Life

610– Being a prophet with the first revelation on the Night of Power in the month of Ramadan in the Hira cave. Subsequently, he invited his closest relatives to Islam. The first Muslims Hatice, Hz. Abu Bakr, Mr. Ali and Hz. Zayd’s. That year, her daughter, Hz. Fatma’s birth.

613– After 3 years of secret invitation, he went to the top of Safa and made his first public declaration. He gave meals to convey to his close relatives. That year, Muslims began to be tortured.

615– Because of the heavy torture and oppression of the polytheists, Hz. The migration of 14 Muslims to Abyssinia under the leadership of Osman. In the same year, St. Hamza and Hz. Omar became a Muslim.

616– Second migration to Abyssinia. A total of 101 people, including 18 women, went to Hz. He went to Abyssinia under the leadership of Cafer Ibn Abi Talib. At that time, Amr Ibn As, who was not yet a Muslim, tried to persuade Negus not to take care of Muslims, but he was unsuccessful.

617– About 40 of the Quraysh leaders gathered under the leadership of Abu Jahl. They decided to trade with Muslims, to exchange girls, to meet and to meet, to cut off all economic and social relations.

They wrote and sealed this boycott decision in the form of an ahitname and hung it inside the Kaaba by wrapping it in a cloth. Their aim is to harass Muslims and It was the Prophet’s surrender to them. Thus, a 3-year social and economic boycott against Muslims began.

619The boycott, which lasted for 3 years, ended. In the same year, our Prophet’s (saas) son Kasım and then his other son Abdullah passed away. After them, his uncle Abu Talib died and after him Hz. Our mother Hatice passed away.

620– Hz. Our Prophet (saas) went to Taif to be invited to Islam, but after he was severely insulted, he returned to Mecca under the auspices of Mut’im bin Adi.

Mirac Miraculous

Our Prophet's chronology621– The events of Isra and Miraj, which have an important place in the chronology of our Prophet’s life, took place and Allahu Zülcelâl honored our Prophet. Five daily prayers were made obligatory.

In the same year, the 1st allegiance of Aqaba was realized and 12 Muslims from Medina paid allegiance to the Messenger of Allah on Aqaba Hill. Our Prophet (saas) sent Hz. Mus’ab b. He commissioned Umair.

622– This year, the 2nd Aqaba Pledge was made. Last year, our Prophet (saas) sent Mus’ab b. With the efforts of Umair, 75 people of Evs and Khazraj met with our Prophet (saas) secretly and invited him to Medina.

Muslims and then our Prophet (saas) from Mecca to Medina emigration they did. Quba mosque was built and the first call to prayer was read. Thus, the establishment of brotherhood between Muhajir and Ansar.

Hz. The Prophet was engaged in Mecca, Hz. Abu Bakr’s daughter Hz. Marriage with Aisha.

Medina Period

We continue the life chronology of our Prophet with the Medina period.

623– The construction of Masjid an-Nabawi and Hane-i Saadet in Madina in seven months.

The direction of the qibla from the Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem to the Kaaba.

Establishment of the Medina City (site) State and the succession of the Messenger of Allah. (With this state, the oppressed and despised Muslims passed from a community to a state. Before that, the Prophet Muhammad (saas) was only a prophet in Mecca, but now he has become both a prophet and a head of state.)

624– The Battle of Badr was fought with the Meccan polytheists, and the Muslims returned from this war with a glorious victory.

The Banu Qaynuka Jews were attacked and expelled from Medina.

Ramadan fasting was made obligatory and the first Eid prayer was performed. Zakat became obligatory.

The daughter of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) Hz. Rukiyya passed away. Hz. Our Master Ali and Hz. Fatima got married. In the same year, the first sacrificial feast prayer was also performed.

625– Under the command of Abu Sufyan, the Battle of Uhud was fought with a full army of 3000 people, and in this war, Hz. Hamza was martyred.

In the month of Ramadan, St. When Hasan was born, in the month of Shaban, Hz. Hussein was born. Hz. Omar’s daughter Hz. Hafsa married the Prophet as his life partner.

The exile of the Jews who pampered me with the Nadir Campaign.

626– The Dumetü’l Cendel Campaign was carried out and the bandits gathered in Syria were dispersed.

The marriage of our Prophet (pbuh) with Umm Salama.


627– Trench War was fought. This battle was called the Battle of the Trench because the Prophet had ditches dug around Medina in order to prevent the polytheists from attacking easily. At the same time, this war is also called the war of Ahzab. As a result of the war, the polytheists were defeated and had to retreat.

628– Ridvan allegiance was made. He set out for a visit to the Kaaba and as the ambassador to Mecca, Hz. Osman was sent. Hz. Our Prophet (pbuh) received allegiance from his Companions about fighting with the polytheists, when he received the news that Osman was martyred by the polytheists.

The polytheists, who received the news of the Ridvan allegiance, They released Osman. The polytheists decided not to visit the Kaaba and wanted to send a delegation to the Prophet and sign an agreement.

Hz. The Prophet (saas) accepted the terms of the agreement, which turned out to be in his favor, even though it seemed to be against him, and signed the peace with the polytheists in Hudaybiyah.

The Conquest of Khaybar and Hz. Ali’s legendary heroism and the defeat of the chief warrior of the Jews, Merhab, in one move.

A Jewish woman Attempt to poison Muhammad (pbuh) with poisonous goat meat.

Our Prophet (pbuh) His marriage to Safiyya.

629– The conversion of Khalid bin Walid and Amr Ibn al-As to Islam

The Battle of Mute and the successive martyrdom of Zayd bin Harise, Cafer-i Tayyar and Abdullah bin Rawaha, who were the standard bearers of Islam. In this war, thanks to the military genius of Khalid bin Walid, the 3000-strong Islamic army gave the Byzantine army a hard time, and the army retreated without much casualties.

Letters were sent to the rulers of the period to convert them to Islam.

Conquest of Mecca

630– The Kaaba was cleared of idols and Mecca was conquered, thus taking its place as an important development in the life chronology of our Prophet.

The war between the Thaqif and Havazin tribes and Hunayn was fought and the Muslims were victorious.

Tabuk expedition was made on Byzantium. Although the Byzantine army made war preparations, they did not dare to fight, so they returned and could not face the Islamic army.

The hypocrites’ refraining from participating in the Tabuk Campaign and the demolition of Masjid-i Dirar, which had become a nest of mischief where they gathered.

Taif was besieged and the idols were destroyed by Abu Sufyan and Mugîre.

Ka’b bin Züheyr, the poet of the Ka’îde-i Bürde, came to the presence of our Prophet (pbuh) and recited his famous eulogy, which began as “Bânet Suâdü”. Afterwards, when the Prophet expressed the couplet: “The Prophet is a torch that illuminates, one of Allah’s swords that eradicates every evil,” he was very pleased and gave him his Cardigan-i Sharif as a gift.

Hz. of the prophet daughter of Hz. Zeyneb’s death. Birth of his son İbrahim from his wife Mariye.

631– Hz. Abu Bakr’s pilgrimage


632– Our Master made his farewell pilgrimage and became ill, then passed away on 8 June.

In this article, we have written the life chronology of our Prophet, inshallah.

Our greetings, prayers and salawat are on him (saas). May my Lord not separate us from his intercession. (Amine)

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