Information about Sahur and Iftar and Prayer for Iftar


What is iftar prayer? Iftar is the prayer that is made before or after the Iftar meal.

Even though we think of Ramadan, it is a prayer that we should do for every fast. Because both with this iftar prayer and in general sense. prayer with thanks.

What is Suhoor? How did it come about?

In the first days when fasting was made obligatory, the Companions could eat, drink and be with their wives after breaking their fast as long as they did not sleep at night. But when it was evening, they slept hard, including the time of iftar, and could not do any of them. They fasted until the sun went down the next day. (Ibn Hagar)

One day, a Companion named Kays bin Sırma (ra) came home tiredly and asked his wife to prepare a meal for iftar. But Kays, who worked all day, fell asleep until his wife came.

Thus, he had to start the next day’s fast without eating and started working in his field again. However, in the middle of the day, he passed out due to hunger and fatigue. Our Prophet (saas) was informed of this situation of Kays.

Thereupon, the following verse, which was instrumental in the start of the practice we call “sahur”, was revealed for the convenience of believers;

“It is permissible for you to approach your women on the night of fasting. They are a dress for you, and you are a dress for them. God knew that you were doing yourself a disservice, and He accepted your repentance and forgave you. Now approach them (in your Ramadan nights) and ask for what Allah has ordained for you. Eat and drink until the white thread (light) of the morning can be distinguished from the black thread (darkness), then complete your fast until the evening.” (Bukhari)

Our Prophet (saas) about Suhoor“The thing that separates our fasting from the fasting of the People of the Book is the suhoor meal” (Muslim) stated that making sahur is a distinctive feature of Muslims in fasting.

“Eat suhoor. Because there is abundance in the sahur meal. (Muslim) told us the importance of making sahur by commanding.

sahur prayer

The Prophet used to pray as follows at the time of sahur. “O our Almighty God, the Lord of this night and the sahur that will happen soon.. While giving us iftar, grant us to break our fast by being cleansed of our sins. Amine”

What is Iftar? How to pray iftar?

The time when the prohibition of fasting is lifted and the evening prayer is recited with the sunset. “iftar” is called.

Iftar is a time of joy, happiness and peace for believers. With the arrival of this time period, all these prohibitions will be lifted for the sincere hearts who are patient against hunger, thirst, attitudes and behaviors that will harm the health of fasting, and who manage to stay away from the prohibitions specific to fasting, for the sake of Allah (swt).

For this time, our Prophet (saas)“Indeed, at every iftar time, there are those who are freed by Allah (from the fire of Hell). This (emancipation process in Ramadan) happens every night.” As (Ibn Majah) expressed in his words, it is time for forgiveness.

Our Prophet (pbuh); “…The believer has two joys. The first is the joy when he breaks his fast at the time of iftar, and the other is the joy of fasting (resulting from his reward) when he meets his Lord.” he ordered.

Our Prophet (saas) forbade the Visal Fast (fasting two days in a row without iftar). (Bukhari)

On the contrary “As long as people hurry to break their fast when the time comes, they are about to be good” (Bukhari) said

“Whoever feeds a fasting person with Iftar, he will receive a reward equal to his reward; Nothing will be less from the reward of the fasting person.”( Tirmidhi)

Iftar prayer

The time of the Prophet’s iftar is as follows: prayer would. (Abu Dawud)

Iftar prayer

The Prayer of Our Prophet (saas) at Iftar Time

Abdullan b. According to the narration from Amr (ra), our Prophet (saas) used to recite the following prayer at the time of iftar;

“My God! I ask you to forgive me with your all-encompassing mercy.”

The Prayer of Our Prophet (saas) When He Had Iftar With Others

“Eftara İndekümü’s-sâimûn ve ekele taâmeküm’l-ebrar ve sallet aleykü’l-malaiketü”

Meaning “Let the fasting people break their fast with you, let the good ones eat your food, and may the angels wish you mercy” (Abu Dawud)

The blessings given, whether it is iftar prayer or sahur prayer, are the prayers that we should do at the point of gratitude. Let’s be one of those who make these prayers and reach these times.

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