Hz. The Truth and Trustworthy Personality of Muhammad


Hz. We will give you brief information about the relationship between the truthfulness and reliable personality of Muhammad and the institution of prophethood.

Hz. When we talk about the truthfulness and reliable personality of Muhammad, one of the most important issues of the prophecy comes to mind. Because what someone who has no credibility will say has no response and no effect.

Accuracy and Reliability

Prophets are sent to people with the duty of conveying their message, and it is necessary for them to have certain characteristics in order to carry out their duties. What are these: being truthful, trustworthy, protecting trust, being smart and intelligent, not committing sins, and conveying Allah’s (cc) orders to people as they are.

Truthfulness is expressed with sidk, that is, to be honest, not to deceive, and to always tell the truth even if it is against oneself.

With these characteristics, the Prophets became the best examples for people. Hz. Like other prophets, Muhammad (saas) set an example for people with his superior and unique moral characteristics.

Being truthful and trustworthy is the common behavior of all prophets. With this good character, the task of conveying the message given to them is fully realized. With this, an effective communication without fraudulent lies emerges.

Hz. When we say the truth of Muhammad, the first thing that comes to mind is truth and reliability. This was such an obvious issue that it was endorsed even by his enemies.

Hz. Muhammad (saas) is the last prophet sent for the salvation of humanity. Almighty Allah, together with him, conveyed the last divine book, the Qur’an, to people through him.

Therefore, the first addressee of the Qur’an is Hz. He became the Prophet (saas) and both explained and set an example by living it in the best way possible.

Good Morals

Our great book on this subject says, “There is a good example for you in the Messenger of Allah for anyone who hopes to meet Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah a lot.” He confirmed this feature. Hz. The good moral character and role model of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are referred to in the Qur’an as “usve-i hasene (good example)”.

What is üsvei hasene is to be the best morality, the best example and the best role model. There are thousands of witnesses of this, friend and foe.

Hz. Muhammad (saas) certainly did not like lies and he did not like liars even. He didn’t like lying, even if it was a joke. If he made a promise to someone, he would definitely fulfill that promise and keep his promise.

That is why Hz. In the face of this attitude and good behavior of Muhammad (saas), most of those who saw him did not leave him and those who saw his life were amazed by him. It is because of this righteousness and good morality that our religion, which shows the true and right path, has grown rapidly both there and in the world and has become a universal religion.

The biggest reason for this, of course, is Mr. Muhammad (saas) himself informed us that the salvation of people is in righteousness, just as he did not stray from truthfulness and honesty, and informed us that the righteous will be with the prophets at the time of judgment.

Hz. The Truth of Muhammad

Hz. The Prophet never strayed from righteousness in any period of his life. His enemies, the polytheists, who are always watching him, never say that he is a liar.

Is it an example? Muhammad (pbuh) gathered the Meccans on Safa Hill to preach and said to them, “Would you believe me if I said there are enemy soldiers behind that valley who want to attack you?” they all said at once, “Yes, we believe it… it has never been the case that you have lied, we have never seen it…”

Who were the trusts that he left on his own bed and gave to Hazrat Ali before he migrated? They belonged to the polytheists, that is, they did not trust their own families, but they trusted the Messenger of Allah (saas). It is interesting, is not it?

Hz. What was the qualification of Muhammad in that society for his righteousness? Wasn’t El Emin a reliable person? This qualification was given to him by the general will of the society of that time. This characteristic has not changed in any period of his life.

Even Abu Jahl, one of his greatest enemies, our prophet attested to its accuracy. One of the notables of the polytheists, Haris b. Amir also says: “O Muhammad, by Allah, you have never lied to us, but if we follow you, we will be out of place, that’s why we don’t believe.”

Look, a French genius who came centuries after his life says that whatever you say, don’t call him a liar because I searched for years but couldn’t find it. It is a fact that neither his enemies living in his time nor those who come after him will ever be to the accuracy and they didn’t say anything about his honesty.

If we pay attention, it is natural for them to say that they are enemies with affection, but if their enemies express this, this is a great proof that centuries have been full of witnesses.

When our Prophet (saas) was asked who is the best of people, he said, “Everyone is the one with a pure heart and truthful speech.” Yes, the basis of our religion is morality and honesty. May Allah grant us to be among those who live and represent this truth.

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