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How to perform the morning prayer

How is the bird prayer performed? How many rakats? What is the significance? Are there any verses and hadiths about it? Is there a time for this prayer? I hope we will write the answers to such questions.

At the same time to the morning prayer duha prayer or ishraq prayer Also called. It is one of the most virtuous prayers among supererogatory prayers.

This prayer Although it is not directly mentioned in the Qur’an, it is mentioned in authentic hadiths. Hz. In a hadith, the Prophet (saas) said, “Every day, for every bone in your body, a sadaqah is required. Every rosary, every tahmid is a sadaqah, amr bi’l-ma’rûf is a sadaqah, and nehy ani’l-munkar is a sadaqah. For all these, 2 rakats of prayers performed in the morning are sufficient.” (Muslim, Musafirin, 84)

Abu Hurayra narrates: “My friend, Hz. The Messenger of Allah (saas) advised me to fast for 3 days every month, to perform the 2 rak’ah prayer and to perform witr before going to bed.” (Bukhari, Tahajjud, 33)

Once, our Prophet (saas) sent a military unit to a town. This military unit returned with great spoils in a very short time.

Thereupon, Hz. Abu Bakr said, “O Messenger of Allah! We have never seen another unit returning faster than these soldiers and returning with more loot.”

Upon these words, Mr. The Prophet (saas) said, “Shall I inform you of something that returns faster than this and brings more booty?” He said and added, “If someone performs ablution well, comes to the mosque, performs the morning prayer, and then performs the morning prayer, that person will return faster and earn more.” (Ibn-i Hibban, VI, 276)

The ruling of performing this prayer is sunnah.

When is the Morning Prayer Performed?

The time of the israq or duha prayer is performed after the sunrise and the time of karaha, that is, approximately 45-50 minutes after the sunrise, at the time of the first morning. The calendars prepared by the Presidency of Religious Affairs include sunrise time information.

How many rakats is the morning prayer?

When we look at the hadith narrations, the highly encouraged duha prayer can be performed as four, eight or twelve rak’ahs. (Muslim, Salatu’l-musâfirîn, 78-83). However, it has also been stated that it can be performed as at least two rak’ahs. It is very rewarding to greet in two rak’ats while performing the israq prayer. However, it can be performed by saluting once in every four rak’ahs.

How to Perform the Morning Prayer?

By withdrawing the Basmalah morning prayer It is intended as follows. “I intend to perform the mid-morning prayer (Duha prayer, ishraq prayer) for the sake of Allah.”

After the intention, he utters takbir and the hands are tied at the level of the navel in men and at the level of the chest in women.

1. Rakat

Subhaneke, (Euzu basmala) After Surah Fatiha, we read the Qur’an in an amount that will increase or replace it.

Going to Ruku three times Subhana Rabbiyal Azim we say. After that, we prostrate twice in a row. During these prostrations, we say “Subhana Rabbiyal Aliyyil ala” 3 times and stand up.

2. Rakat

Along with the Basmala, we read the Qur’an in an amount that will replace or replace the Surah Fatiha.

Going to Ruku three times Subhana Rabbiyal Azim we say. After that, we prostrate twice in a row. We say “Subhana Rabbiyal Aliyyil ala” 3 times during these prostrations.

After the second prostration, he sits on the tahiyyata and after reciting Ettehiyyatü, salli and barik prayers, first to the right and then to the left. essalamu aleykum ve rahmatullahwe say hello.

Israk The number of rak’ahs to be prayed is performed in this way as two or four rak’ahs as stated.

May Allah grant us all the ability to perform this precious Duha prayer.

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