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How to Calculate Zakat

How to Calculate Zakat?

How to Calculate Zakat? What is zakat? Who gets zakat? Zakat is one of the most frequently asked subjects in our religion. Details about this worship, which is a solidarity between the poor and the rich, are in this article.

We must be careful at the point of Zakat Calculation. Because it is fard and has certain dimensions. Since it is worship, first of all, intention is a must for it to be valid. Before this calculation work, let’s give general information about the subject.

What is Zakat?

In the lexicon it means to be clean, fertile, good and straight, and at the religious point; It is defined as the amount of nisab, that is, the giving of a certain amount of goods by a Muslim who has the wealth to pay zakat.

For Whom Is Zakat Obligatory?

It is obligatory for every Muslim who is free, who has reached the age of puberty, that is, has reached the age of puberty and has a nisab amount of property that has passed a year.

When Is It Given?

Although it does not have a certain time, it is mostly given in Ramadan due to the fact that it has more rewards.

Zakat for whom?

It is given to those who are poor, to those who have nothing, to those who are in debt, to travelers and students. It can be given to siblings, uncles, aunts and aunts.

To Whom Is Zakat Not Given?

It cannot be given to parents, their parents, their children and their children.

Does the house have zakat? Is zakat payable on a rented house?

Houses and real estates that the person lives in or rented out are not subject to zakat, and if their income exceeds the nisab, then zakat is deducted.

Is It Cash Only?

While calculating zakat, it can be given either in cash or in the form of goods or a mixture of both.

What is the Measure?

  • It is the amount of nisab, that is, 80.18 grams of gold.
  • A person is obliged to give zakat if he has 80.18 grams or the equivalent of money (including certain receivables).

Although this amount is mentioned as 92 grams of gold in some catechism books, the Religious Affairs High Council of the Presidency of Religious Affairs has specified the quorum amount as 80.18 grams of gold.

How is Zakat Calculation?

When calculating zakat, the goods subject to zakat and the types of these goods are gold, silver, trade goods, sheep, goats, cattle, buffalo, camels, land, etc. together with their quantities.

The amount of zakat is calculated as required by the type of these goods and the amount to be given zakat is revealed.

Two things need attention here. One is that 1 year has passed over the assets in hand, and the other is that it is more than the quorum amount. In other words, if we say how much should be given, the answer is 2.5% of the total value of the assets subject to zakat, or in other words 1/40.

Due to the fact that we are in the digital age, a program has been developed by the Directorate of Religious Affairs and we can easily calculate zakat through this program. To access the program click here

We pray to Allah that we can do this worship done with wealth.

Why is Zakat given? We recommend that you read our article on the subject.

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