How Should Worship During Pregnancy Be?


How to worship during pregnancy

How should worship during pregnancy be? Of course, in this period, daily prayers should continue without interruption, besides, the Qur’an should be recited, prayed, and worshiped with the body (that is, with the state and movements) as well as with the tongue.

Worship during pregnancy should not only be positive, but also forbidden things should be avoided, and undesirable works should be avoided. The behavior and actions of the mother during pregnancy also affect the child. For this reason, it is very beneficial to frequently pray, avoid forbidden and objectionable situations, and recite the Qur’an al-karim and prayers.

Worship During Pregnancy

Prophets used to make every request from Allah (swt). Of course, they also prayed for their children and future generations. We should follow the example of the Prophets and pray like them. By reading these prayers, we can pray that our child, who will be born, will be a good son and a good servant from Allah (swt).

Hz. Abraham’s Prayers

Surah Saffat one hundred. Aenoughi and its Turkish Meaning

“Rabbi heblî mines sâlihîn(e).” ( رَبِّ هَبْ ل۪ي مِنَ الصِالِح۪ينَ)

My Lord, forgive me (children) who will be among the righteous.

Surah Ibrahim 40 to 41. Aenoughi and Turkish Meanings

Praying for Pregnancy

Hz. Zechariah’s Prayer

Verse 38 of Surah Al-i Imran and Its Turkish Meaning

Zachariah prayer

Rabbihebli minledunke zürriyyeten tayyibeten inneke semîuddua'(i).”

“My God! Grant me a clean generation from Yourself (forgive me) Surely you are the one who hears (accepts) prayers properly”.

Dhikr During Pregnancy

  • at the time of pregnancy “al-Musawwir (cc)” should be chanted a lot

If those who are pregnant continue to chant al-Musavvir (cc) by putting their hands on their babies, I hope this child will be beautiful and healthy with this name (name). (Mecmuatul Ahzab)

  • Again, his hands were placed on his stomach and 99 times. “Ya Mubdi (cc)”(Giving the asset),
  • Always “Ya Berr (cc)” (In other words, those who have plenty of goodness and goodness and blessings to their servants)
  • 121 times every day “Ya Kaviyy (cc)” (So ​​he is very strong)

It is good to read the names of Allah (cc) mentioned below into a water and drink it.

  • Ya Musawvir (cc) (He who shapes everything by describing) 21 times
  • Ya Berr (cc) (In other words, those who are good to their servants and have plenty of blessings) 21 times
  • Ya Quddus (cc) (the very clean and pure blessed one) 11 times

33 times after praying Allahuekber33 times Hallelujah and 33 times Subhanallah say.

70 times after praying “Astaghfirullah and etube ilayh” say repent.

If 70 thousand times Subhanallahi and bihamdihi The child of the person who reads will be righteous. It is good if it is read within the first four months.

Prayer for an Easy Birth

Hz. The Prophet’s (saas) daughter Hz. When Fatima (ra) went into labor, she had Umm Salama and Zeynep bint Cahsh go to her and read this prayer. (Ibn Sunni, p.232, No625)

With the intention of giving birth to the woman who will give birth both in good health and with ease (easiness), the Surahs Felak and Nas are recited after the first Ayete’l-Kursi. After these suras, the 54th verse of Surah Araf is read:

Surah Araf 54

“Inne rabbekumullahüllezi halegassemavati velerda fisitteti eyyamin sümmesteva alelarşi yuğşilleylennehara yachtlübühu hasısa. veşşemse velgamera vennucume müsehharatim biemrih ela lehülhalg velemr. tabarakallahu rabbul amen.”

Translation: Verily, your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then encompasses the Throne. He is the one who covers the day with the night that constantly chases him, and subdues the sun, moon and stars by his own command. For your information, (beware) creation and command are (only) His. Exalted is Allah, Lord of the worlds.

Surahs to Read During Pregnancy

Yasin-i-Sharif for Worship During Pregnancy is a key to open many auspicious doors. 41 Scholars also said about reading Yasin, “it is a key to open good doors”.

Hz. Anas (ra) narrates: Our Prophet (saas) said:

“Everything has a heart. The heart of the Qur’an is Yasin. Whoever reads Surah Yasin, Allah (swt) rewards him with reading the Qur’an 10 times because of this reading.” (Tirmidhi)

In order for the child to be born to be smart and robust;

The person who writes and carries the ala sura on Friday will protect himself against all kinds of disasters. This surah is written for a pregnant woman. If this writing is done in the first days of the month, the child will be smart and robust. (ArifPamuk)

For the child to be patient; The hands are placed on the stomach and the Surah Asr is read.

For morality to be good; 70 human surahs are recited.

In order for the child to be born to have the morality of the Prophet, prayer; If it is not possible to read Surah Anbiya once every day, it tries to read it at least 70 times. It is important to reach this number within the first four months.

For the child to be gentle; Surah Ibrahim should be read a lot.

To protect the child from the harm of the devil; Surah Al-i Imran readable.

In order for the child to be born to be “Lokman-spoken Yusuf-faced”; Every day of pregnancy, 1 Yusuf Surah and 1 Lokman Surah are read. If this is not possible, he reads as much as he can as a single number, and it is better to read it within the first four months.

Worship should be done during pregnancy, these prayers should be read as much as possible until the end, and God should be taken shelter in God.

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