Hazrat Ali and Two Religious Stories


Hazrat Ali and religious stories

Hazrat Ali is one of the four caliphs of Islam that the Prophet said if I am the city of knowledge, Ali is the door. In this article, we will talk about the incident experienced by this blessed caliph and the beauties that followed.

In this article, we will tell two stories that happened during the time of Hazrat Ali. One is between Hazrat Ali and a Christian, while the other is with a priest. Without further ado, let’s move on to these exemplary stories.

Armor of the Christian and Hazrat Ali

The armor of Hazrat Ali (ra) was lost while he was in Kufa during his caliphate. After a while, that armor appeared next to a Christian person. The Islamic caliph recognized his armor and took the matter to the kadi.

He said to the kadı; This armor belongs to me and is my property. I have neither sold it nor given it to anyone as a gift. “Now I found my armor next to this man,” he said.

The Qadi turned to Christian and the Caliph said his claim, what do you say? Said. He declared that this armor was his own, but he did not deny the word of the caliph.

Kadi, you say that the armor is mine, but this person does not accept it. Then you need to bring witnesses for this claim, he said. The blessed caliph laughed and said, “Kadi is telling the truth, now I have to bring witnesses, but I don’t have any witnesses.”

The qadi ruled in favor of the Christian because of the absence of the claimant’s witness. He took the armor and left. However, the Christian, who knew very well who the armor belonged to, did not consent after a little progress, and he witnessed the beauty of Islam.

He went back and said that such a government and behavior cannot be for the pleasure of simple people, the truth is the government of the prophets, and this armor belongs to Ali,’ he admitted.

After a while, they saw him, as a Muslim, fighting alongside the Muslims in the army of Hazrat Ali (ra).

Priest and Hazrat Ali

Hazrat Ali (ra) was going to war with his army. They couldn’t find water in the last few places he stopped by. Finally they saw a church and went there and asked for water.

Those in the church said that you can only find water 10 miles away.

The caliph gave an order, saying that there is no need to go there, dig this place. They dug the marked place. However, a large stone appeared, and no matter how hard they tried, they could not even move it.

Seeing this situation, the blessed caliph put his fingers under the stone and lifted that stone as if lifting a feather. As the stone was lifted, a pure, clean, sweet and cold water gushed out. Everyone drank from that water with joy and gratitude.

The pastor of that church and those next to him are watching them from afar. When they see the water coming out and the stone being lifted, they come to the presence of the caliph and ask questions.

Are you a prophet? Or they said. No, I am not a prophet, but I am both son-in-law and caliph of the last prophet! The priest, who was there, became a Muslim by uttering kalima-i shahada and said:

O Caliph! This church was built to wait and see the person who lifted this stone. He used to write in our books, and our elders used to tell.

There is a well here whose stone is either the prophet or his Caliph can lift. When we saw that you lifted this stone, we got our wish that I have been waiting for years.

Hazrat Ali said: Praise be to our God! Then that priest became a martyr by joining the army.

Yes, Islamic history has such wonderful states and religious stories is filled with Our duty is to read and see them. And by putting Islam at the center of our lives, it is to be a model Muslim person.

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