Hasan-i Basri and His Stories


Hasan-i Basri Hz. He is one of the greatest Tabiun who saw the Companions of the Prophet. He was born in Medina in 641 and died in Basra in 728 at the age of 88. He is an ascetic, muhaddis, jurist and commentator.

Since Aslı is from Basra, she became famous with the name Basri. Jafar, the slave of Zayd bin Sabit, the father of Hasan-i Basri, and his mother’s name is Hayre, and he is the son of Hz. She is the freed slave and servant of Umm Salama, the wife of the Prophet. Ümmü Seleme was very interested in Hasan-ı Basri and had a great effort in her upbringing.

Who is Hasan-i Basri?

Hasan-ı Basri attributed the peak of wisdom and eloquence to the fact that our mother, Umm Salama, nursed him. Hz. Omar said, “O Lord, make him a faqih and make people love him.” she prayed to him.

In the beginning, Hz. Hasan-i Basri, who received the prayers of many companions, especially Omar, became a hafiz when he was 12 years old. He met around 120 or 130 Companions, among them Hazrat Osman, Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas, Enes b. There are also famous Companions like Malik.

Hz. After Ali became the caliph, he went to Basra with his family and spent the rest of his life here. He was one of the most sought-after scholars because of his sound source of knowledge and his closeness to the age of bliss.

His conversation and address were quite effective, he had reached the peak of eloquence and eloquence. His words and influence Hz. There are those who liken it to the words of the prophets.

Hasan-i Basri was an ascetic who did not value worldly goods. His house was full of people who came to listen to his conversation. The statesmen of the time would also come to benefit from his knowledge. He also served as a judge of Basra for a while.

He read the Quran a lot and felt a deep longing for the life of the Companions. “I saw around 70 Badr veterans. If you saw them, you would think they were crazy.

Hasan-ı Basri trained many students and trained valuable scholars such as the famous Qatada, Hisham İbni Hassan, Yunus bin Ubeyd, Eyüp İbni Ebu Temime.

During his lifetime, he saw and experienced many sedition movements. He boldly expressed his ideas against these seditions without hesitation. And with this move, he won the appreciation of the people.

However, as a rule, he did not revolt against the state and authority, at this point, he did not join the revolts despite the indoctrination and even coercion, and he translated the feelings of the oppressed people by criticizing them without hesitation.

The stories and sayings of Hasan-i Basri

Once, someone came to Hasan-i Basri and said;

– A man teased you, backbited you. – Why did you go to that person’s house? – I was a guest – What did that man offer you? – Food and drink – You ate that much, it was stuck in you but couldn’t keep a word so you brought it to me!

Later, she prepared a fresh plate of dates for the man who backbited her and apologized to him as follows: “I heard that you sent your good deeds to my book of deeds! I wanted to respond to that! Sorry! My gift is not as great as yours.”

Hasan-i Basri and Repentance

Hasan-i Basri described repentance as follows. Emphasizing the importance of repentance, both with his tongue and with his form, that is, leaving sin, he stated that some repentance is raw, “Even our repentance needs a repentance.” he said.

Hz. Ali gave permission

Hz. Ali used to travel to some places during his caliphate. He used to visit the people there and listen to their problems. Once again, he went to Basra like this. Stayed here for 3 days. He saw Hasan-i Basri giving advice to people in a parliament.

He listened to his sermon as he was included in the assembly and liked it. After the conversation, “Ya Hasan-ı Basri! Are you a narrator of events of the time? Are you someone who wants to teach the true truth?” said. He also said, “Mr. I am trying to explain what knowledge the Prophet brought to us. I don’t hesitate to tell people about the science that I think is right.” said.

Hz. Ali congratulated him with a smile. Hasan-i Basri is his Prophet. When he realized that it was Ali, he quickly got down from the podium, conveyed his respects to him and paid allegiance. Hz. Ali gave him permission to follow the orders and prohibitions of Islam. to people tasked with telling.

Hasan-i Basri and Satan

The students of Hasan-i Basri once complained about the devil and his delusions, and said, “Satan is constantly encouraging us to do wrong things. You will need the world.

Hearing this, Hasan-i Basri laughed and said: “He was here just now. He was complaining about you saying, “Advise these people so that they do not try to take what belongs to me. Let them be satisfied with their rights. Expelled from His presence, God gave the world and Hell to me as property. He gave Paradise and contentment to his son. Now they leave their share and want from my property. But I do not give the world to them without receiving their faith in return.”

Then he turned to his students and said, “If you wish to be safe from these delusions, leave the world and the worries of the world and remove it from your hearts.” He gave lessons to his students.

Haccac and Hasan-i Basri

Hajjaj is notorious for his cruelty and people are afraid of him. He conveys that he wants to come to Basra to visit His Holiness Hasan-i Basri. Hearing this, people are worried. Because wherever he went, he got many heads.

If the people who can’t get rid of their worries come together, they decide to fight him. Hazrat Hasan-i Basri said to them that it is not possible for you to defeat him. Let’s say you beat it, God will inflict someone else on you.

At that time, they said, “What should we do, if you have any unlawful property in your earnings, return it to the rightful owners. If you have searched for the right holders and cannot find them, distribute them to the poor. If you are with common-law women, marry them or leave these jobs. Read the Qur’an, repenting a lot for your sins. I hope that Allah will protect you from the cruelty of Hajjaj.” said.

People immediately started doing what they said. After a while, news came that Hajjaj had given up on visiting Basra. Everyone is happy. Hasan-i Basri Hz. “I knew beforehand that Hajjaj would not come here,” he said. People say, “From where and how?” they said. He said, “If a person does as you do, that is, leaves unlawful things, gives everyone their due and repents to Allah for their sins, and reads the Qur’an well, Allah (swt) will accept their prayers and remove the troubles.”

Wise words from Hasan-i Basri

“How did you reach this scientific level?” they asked. Hazrat said, “Among the Companions, Hz. I bought it from Huzeyfe Yemani. “Who did he get it from?” they asked. Hazrat Huzeyfe said: This knowledge is Hz. It is a gift from the prophet. Because everyone used to ask him about good deeds, I would ask about bad ones. If I shy away from doing evil and avoid bad deeds, I would think that I could do good things anyway.”

When someone said to Hasan-i Basri, “There are people who want to marry my daughter, but I don’t know who I will marry, he said to whoever fears Allah the most, because if he likes it, it’s okay; if he doesn’t love it, he is afraid of Allah, so at least he will not persecute her.” ” he said.

One of them is Hasan-i Basri Hz. He came and said give me advice. Room “Glorify the wishes and orders of Allah, so that Allah will make you honorable”

When he saw a young man laughing out loud, he said to him, “Son, have you crossed the Sirat bridge?” said. He said “No Sir”. Hasan-i Basri: “Well, do you know your situation in the hereafter?” said. He said “No Sir”. Hasan-i Basri “Then what is this laughter?” said. No one saw the young man smile again after this speech.

By advising someone who seeks advice from him to avoid extremism and go the middle way, he said, “All ummahs have an idol. The idol of this ummah is gold and silver.

When someone came and said that I am afraid of death, he said, “You are afraid of death because you left wealth behind, you would not be afraid if you had sent the wealth first.”

In one of his advices, he said: “You wonder what the world will be like after you, right? Then look what happened after those who died before you!

Addressing those in an assembly, he said, “Do you want to know how someone earned a property, then look at where he spent it. he said.

In short, the word

This advice is very helpful. “Don’t be fooled by the crowd of people. Because you will die alone, you will enter the grave alone, you will come out of that grave alone and you will give an account alone.

May Allah make us benefit from these advices and may Allah grant us his intercession. With greetings and prayers..

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