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Favorite Ramadan Desserts

This fast, which is held for worship for 1 month every year, has its own dishes and desserts. A cure for the guests who come to iftar or those who want to have a feast in the evening. ramadan sweets It is searched many times by everyone.

Our List of Ramadan Desserts

One of the things that heals this situation that we experience spiritually and physically in Ramadan, which comes until the evening. ramadan sweets It is made by everyone and by looking at its recipes.

1. Güllaç

Ramadan sweets Güllaç is at the top of the list. There are many lovers of Güllaç dessert, which is made by most people after every iftar. The most popular part of Güllaç dessert is that it can be decorated with any material we want. Regardless of the type of fruit or nut, it can be tasted with the desired material.

Favorite Ramadan Desserts
Güllac | Favorite Ramadan Desserts

2. Kemalpasa Dessert

Kemalpaşa dessert is also at the top of this list. Kemalpaşa dessert, which offers the opportunity to be prepared easily in a short time, can be preferred by many people after iftar. The fact that it is ready in a short time is also among the reasons for these preferences.

3. Flour Halva

In addition to these desserts, flour halva has also taken its place in our list. Flour halva, known as less ingredients, can also be offered to guests during iftar hours by most people. It is said that the taste of flour halva, which is also very popular in terms of its appearance, is completely different in Ramadan.

4. Rice Pudding

Rice pudding Although it is not at the top of this list, it is also one of the first to come to mind during Ramadan. Rice pudding, which is also known as a bakery dessert, is preferred by many people in terms of health. Rice pudding dessert, which gives a creamy feel and taste, is given by most people, especially to guests.

Favorite Ramadan Desserts
Baklava | Favorite Ramadan Desserts

5. Baklava

Our baklava dessert, which is one of our classic desserts but is so unique in taste, does not make you forget itself after every iftar in Ramadan. Baklava dessert, which is indispensable in the months other than Ramadan, presents itself as a must in Ramadan.

6. Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is one of the desserts that comes to mind. It is one of the sweets that those who do not like heavy sweets and those who are fond of milky desserts cannot give up during Ramadan.

These sweets, which are loved outside the month of Ramadan, are more evident in the month of Ramadan. From the morning prayer to the evening prayer, we become wanting everything as a result of hunger and thirst, and this desire does not stop after the meal.

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