Faith in the Books – How Many Are the Divine Books? and What Are Their Names?


What is faith in books? We will stay on this topic. Book literally means “writing and written document”. In a general sense, it is used to write down the words that Allah revealed to the prophet in order to guide us and enlighten us.

When we refer to the books as faith, we understand not only the Qur’an, but also the Torah, Psalms and the Bible. Because the Bible and the Torah were given to Christians and Jews as a divine book, they People of the Book is called. Because the divine books have been sent down from Allah “heavenly books” Also called.

Belief in books, in other words, means believing that some prophets were given books by Allah and that these books are true and real.

Almighty Allah to the Prophet “Therefore, invite (to tawhid) and be upright as you are commanded. Do not follow their whims and say: I believe in the book that Allah has sent down, and I have been commanded to do justice among you. He called out (Shura 42/15),

As for the believers “O you who believe, believe in Allah, His Messenger, the book He revealed to His Prophet and the Book He revealed before. Whoever denies Allah, His angels, His books, His prophets and the Day of Judgment, he has gone astray.” (Nisa 4/136), he stated that believing in books is a principle of faith.

Fundamentals of faith are essentially interconnected and inseparable. We cannot say that we believe in books, but we do not believe in others. That is, it is inseparable from other fundamentals.

If we believe in God, this faith will lead us to believe in angels and even in prophets who are guides. Even they lead us to belief in the books and belief in the hereafter, which are inseparable from each other.

Faith in Books

quranThe subject of belief in the books looks at the attribute of Allah’s word and is the result of this attribute. It is the written form of the verses that were revealed to the prophets through revelation. The reason why these books that were revealed to the Prophet are called divine books is that these books were sent by Allah, and they do not have any human words or contributions in terms of words and content.

Today, we are obliged to believe in the pristine forms that came from God, not the current form of the books. Unfortunately, some of the divine books were either completely lost or changed, or we have nothing left of them today. For example, Hz. Such are the pages of Abraham (as).

The Torah, Psalms, and Bible, on the other hand, have undergone changes and corruption over time as a result of people’s good or bad intentions, but the Qur’an has continued to exist as revealed by Allah, and has survived to the present day without any deterioration or change.

It will maintain this characteristic that will not change until the Day of Judgment, and in the verse pointing to this “We have certainly sent down the Qur’an. Of course, we will protect him again.” (Hijr 15/9) was said.

He confirmed the books that came before him with the verses of the Qur’an, however, he abolished some of their provisions and brought new provisions. If we are believers, Hz. We must fully comply with the Prophet and the Qur’an that was revealed to him. (see Âl-i İmran 3/31; an-Nisa 4/47; al-Maida 5/15; al-An’am 6/153; al-A’raf 7/3).

Sending prophets and downloading books is not an obligation for Allah, but for people. prophets And he needs books. While man was created, he was equipped with some abilities and could learn some information about himself, his environment and other creatures with his own effort and mind.

However, all these abilities are still limited and in places beyond his power, he will need divine help and holy books. Knowing this need, Almighty Allah has sent down books to us through his prophets as a gift and treat, and has guided us for this need.

When we say divine books, they are the first source of Allah’s decrees for the ummah. In this source, there are the principles of belief of our religion, the rules of practice and morality, the obligatory, halal and haram, the life in the hereafter, and the names and attributes of Allah. The Divine Books are: – Torah, Psalms, Bible and Quran.

In short, the word

Divine books come directly from Allah. As such, it is the word of God in terms of word and meaning. What is the goal of divine books? If we say that, we say that it is to save people from perversion, to lead them to guidance, to goodness, to enlightenment and to make them happy in both worlds.

Believing in the books is the basis of belief and an obligation. However, Theory gives us the key to happiness in both worlds. So, let’s read and understand the Quran.

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