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This article we wrote about faith, contains information about faith as well as gives information about the conditions of faith, I hope it will be useful.

In the lexicon of faith, “to trust, to be sure, to be safe; It is derived from the root emn, meaning to be believable. The word faith expresses trust, feeling of trust, affirming someone’s word. Let’s continue with short information about faith.

What is Faith?

To believe actually means to affirm. What are we attesting? Saint of the prophet It is to affirm and believe in the certain things that he received from Allah and conveyed in the name of religion.

To anyone who has this faith believer, your faith to someone who fulfills his obligation with complete surrender muslim is called. In addition, the word muslim in Turkish is plural according to the Persian rule. Muslim in used in this sense.

How Is Faith Valid?

Believing is a choice based on free will in the world. In other words, there should be no pressure or threat. It is essential for a person to believe voluntarily of his own will. However, if he realizes the torment he will suffer in his last breath, when he loses hope in life, and says “I have faith”, his faith will not be valid.

A believer believes in the principles of faith as a whole, and there cannot be attitudes and behaviors that mean denying someone. For example, by affirming Allah and all the prophets, Hz. It is impossible not to believe in the prophethood of Muhammad.

Anyone who denies or mocks a provision that is clearly known to be fard or haram, for example, that prayer is fard and drinking alcohol is haram, is an idol, a cross, etc. It is not possible for a person who worships things to be called a believer.

A believer should neither despair nor be sure of Allah’s mercy. It must be found between fear and hope. This is called havf and reca. E.g;

It is not possible for a believer to be sure of himself with the thought “I have faith anyway, then I will definitely go to heaven” or to lose hope in Allah’s mercy by saying “I have committed a lot of sins, I am definitely going to hell”. It is necessary to be in the middle of the two.

An increase or decrease

Faith does not increase or decrease in terms of the things to be believed (the principles of faith). If a person accepts all the principles of belief, but does not believe in one or a few of them, for example, he does not believe in angels or denies that prayer is fard or that killing is haram, he is not considered a believer.

In this case, since faith is not realized, it cannot be increased or decreased. Everyone is obliged to believe in the same issues. There is no difference between the learned and the ignorant, the prophet and the non-prophet, the man and the woman. The difference occurs only at the near scientific point.

People in Certification or Denial Care divided into 3 parts believer, infidel and hypocrite

Types of Faith Click on the link for

What are the Conditions of Faith?

Let’s continue this article about faith with the conditions of faith. The principles of faith in our religion are expressed in the catechism books with the term creed. The first person singular of the Arabic verb âmene, âmentü means “I believed”. As a term, it is used to express the text that contains the principles of faith briefly and concisely. The text of the creed is:

“Âmentü billahi ve melâiketihî ve kütübihî ve rusülihî ve’l-yevmi’l-âhiri ve bi’l-kaderi hayrihî ve şerrihî minallâhi ta’âlâ ve’l-ba’su ba’de’l-mevti hakkun. Eşhedü enlâ ilahe illallah ve Eşhedü enne muhammadan abduhu ve rasulüh”

Meal; I believed in Allah, His angels, His books, His prophets, the Last Day, destiny, that good and evil are from Allah. Resurrection after death is right. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is His servant and messenger).

We have explained these principles of faith separately. Click on the links for details.

Of course, much can be said about faith. Our duty is to have faith, to verify it, and to embellish this faith with our deeds later on.

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