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When we say exemplary religious stories, these stories make us think, teach us lessons and make us smile. Yes, if we look at these stories from the point of view of a lesson and from the point of view of a lesson, we will be grateful.

In this article, we share two stories of Gavsi azam Abdulkadir Geylani. Let’s start by saying that we have more than our share.

Exemplary Religious Stories

Who is the Slave?

Someone comes to Abdulkadir Geylani and gives a slave as a gift and says: “Please take this slave, he will be your servant.”

What is a slave that has no rights, it means a human subject to the will of his master. His Excellency Abdulkadir Geylani took the slave and brought him to his house and said to him, “My son, look, you can sleep in these rooms, you can wear these clothes, if you want to eat, here are these dishes.”

Then she said to him, “This is the case, tell me where do you want to sleep?” The slave’s reply was “Wherever you see fit, sir”. “Which dress would you like to wear?” Slave “Whichever you see fit.” Hazrat said, “Well, which food do you like?” Slave “Whatever you give.”

In the face of these answers of the slave, Abdulkadir Geylani suddenly begins to shed tears. This time the slave hesitated, did I give an incorrect answer? Between the tears of His Holiness Geylani, the slave approaches and says, “Sir, if I made a mistake, I’m sorry, did I make a mistake?”

Hadrat “No, my son, you didn’t make a mistake, you actually hit it right”, then the slave said, “Then why are you crying?” Hazrat said, “I heard what you said from him.”

Slave “Did I say something wrong?” Hazrat said, “No, actually you were right. I wish that I would obey and serve my Lord like the obedience you showed me, for once in my life, O Lord, I do not demand anything from You. I will sleep in that house wherever you find suitable, I will wear whatever dress you see fit, I will eat whatever food you provide. If I could say “I have no other demand from you”. That’s why I’m crying for him.”

It is strange that the one who listens rather than the one who tells the exemplary religious stories is a wise. The slave said so, but what did the listener understand? What kind of meaning did he get out of it and how did the truth fit into its place?

Here’s to us share of the story

Exemplary Religious Stories: 600 Dirhams of Yarn

There was an old woman. His daughter left 6 orphans and passed on to the hereafter. Before she died, this chick would spin a thousand dirhams of yarn a week, then she would sell it to the market and look after those orphans with the money she earned.

After this righteous lady migrated to the hereafter, the food and drink provision of 6 orphans was on her old mother.

The old woman was working as much as she could and praying, “My God, send the sustenance of these orphans, I am not able to do business.”

The old woman once prepared six hundred dirhams of yarn and left her house to go to the market early in the morning. Just as she was passing in front of Sheikh Abdulkadir Geylani’s house, Hadrat performed the morning prayer and was chatting with his followers in front of his house.

Exemplary Religious Stories A Beautiful Tawafuk

At that time, the old woman met the sheikh and paid homage. Sheikh said, “Gülbacım, welcome, where are you going?” he asked. The old woman says I will go to the market, I have yarn, I will sell it.

His Excellency Sheikh said, “Give me that yarn and let me see!” he took the thread. Then he said, “O old woman, a twisted thread is being asked of me. You give me this yarn so I can sell it if you want!”

“You’re welcome,” said the old woman. The Sultan, who took the thread, threw the thread in his hand on the roof of the mosque as if he were joking. And at that moment, a large bird came and grabbed that thread and escaped.

The old woman said, “What kind of joke is this? he said, but his followers pointed to the woman and said not to make a sound.

Because they knew that there was wisdom in every deed of Abdulkadir Geylani. Even the old woman didn’t make a sound. Sayyid Abdulkadir Geylani said to the woman, “Don’t be bored, I sent your yarn to sell. When the money comes, you get your money, how much has been sold.”

The old woman said all right and went to her house. The next day, she came to Gavsü’i-âzam and said, “Is my sultan sold? she said. His Holiness Abdulkadir Geylani said, “Your threads have been sold, but be patient until the money comes.”

The woman went to her house and came back to Gavsu’i-âzam a week later, and the Prophet, who saw her, said, “Woman, come tomorrow!” she said. When the old woman came out of his presence, she couldn’t help but grumble to herself.

The disciples said to him, “There is a wisdom in being told. Come be patient for a few more days. Let’s see what wisdom will come! The helpless woman went home again.

After a while, a few merchants came to Abdulkadir Geylani’s presence. After kissing the Prophet’s hand and showing respect, they presented a thousand gold coins. Then, when he came out of the presence, the disciples wondered and said to these people, “Masters, what is the gold you brought to our sheikh for? they asked.

Exemplary Religious Stories; The Secret of the Thread

One of them said, “These golds belong to your sheikh. We are merchants. We bought silk and cloth from India and just as we were returning, a fierce storm broke out and the wind shattered the sail. We were almost drowning.

I said to the captain, “Isn’t there a way to sail? The captain said, “If there were 600 dirhams of yarn, we would sew the sail and the ship would walk.” said.

We cried out and said, “O Gavsü’l-âzam, O Sheikh Abdulkadir, send us five or six hundred dirhams of thread. We said, ‘May you receive a thousand gold coins from our property’.

We soon saw that a bird brought that thread and dropped it on the ship with its beak. We saw that there are six hundred dirhams of thread. With cooperation, we repaired the sail immediately. We sailed the ship and got out of this dire situation.

They said, ‘We presented the Sheikh with a thousand gold coins to repay our debt on this incident. The next day the old woman came and said, “Sir, has the money arrived? said. Hazrat took out a thousand gold coins and put them in the old woman’s hand and said, “Is it as profitable as yours in my sale? said.

That woman was excited about what to say, and she stammered, thanked for happiness and prayed. Then he took the gold and went to his house. The poor got rid of poverty. And he became a sincere follower of the sheikh. I am adding a link to listen to this story as a video, it is explained very well.

Here are the secrets in the exemplary religious stories. In order for a wish to come true, if Allah wishes, He makes a bird a means of good. religious stories with the prayer of reading and benefiting..

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