Do Animals Go to Heaven? – Prayer Surah Verse


you too “Do animals go to heaven when they die?” Are you wondering the answer to the question?

Then let’s say in advance, you are in the right place. In this article you “Where do animals go when they die?” We will answer the question.

Let’s get started right away and answer all your questions about it.

Do Animals Go to Heaven?

Especially many people who own their own pet “Where do dead animals go?” and “Will we be able to see our animals in the hereafter?” they wonder.

Since the phenomenon of heaven and hell is extremely important in the religion of Islam, people inevitably wonder about the answer to this question. Based on the belief that animals have a soul in Islam, there is information that animals will go to a place suitable for them when they die in the next world.

In other words, in our religion, when animals die, there is no soil.

Hadith and Verses That May Be The Answer To Your Question

“Will animals go to heaven?” There is information as follows in the verse 55/38 of Surah Enam of the Qur’an:

“There is no animal that walks on the earth and no bird that flies with its two wings, except that they are not a nation like you. We did not leave anything missing in the book. Then (they) will be gathered before their Lord.” That is, this is how it is commanded in the religion of Islam.

10 Animals That Will Enter Heaven

After all this information given above, now “Will there be animals in heaven?” ”Do cats go to heaven?” or “Do dogs go to heaven?” If it is necessary to answer such questions, the following information can be given on that subject.

Of course, not all animals will be able to enter Paradise, but the 10 animals listed below will enter Paradise.

Here are those animals:

  1. Salih’s camel,
  2. Abraham’s calf,
  3. Ismail’s coach,
  4. The cow of Moses,
  5. The fish of Yunus ‘alaihis-salâm’,
  6. Üzeyr’s donkey,
  7. The ant of Solomon,
  8. Belkıs’ bird (Hüdhüd),
  9. The dog of the Companions (Kıtmir)
  10. The camel of Muhammad -sall-Allâhu ‘alaihi wa sallam.

As a result, the dead animals will go to a realm, but only the 10 special animals mentioned above will go to heaven.

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