Conquest of Khyber – Importance – Results and Terms of Agreement


Khyber City Features

The city of Khyber is a city built on a volcanic land. It was also famous for its strong and solid castles. Khyber was a rich city with eight strongholds, fertile lands, and plenty of vineyards and gardens. In terms of surface area, it fell to the northwest of Madinah on the Damascus road and was approximately 170 kilometers away.

Reasons for the Conquest of Khyber

– The city of Khyber, which was almost the center of the Jews, began to pose a threat to Islam.

– By supporting the Meccan polytheists, the Jews allowed them to attack Muslims, and at the same time, they insulted and insulted Islam and our Prophet (saas) whenever they could.

-According to the agreement they made with the polytheists of Makkah, if the Muslims attacked them, the polytheists would attack Medina. Likewise, if the Muslims attacked Mecca, they would attack Medina themselves. But with the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, these partnerships were broken.

Khyber Conquest Brief Summary

The fighting started with the shooting of arrows at the mujahideen from the Natat Fortress, where the Jews were gathered. The Islamic army had set up its headquarters in front of Natat.

This is how the first day went. Meanwhile, about fifty mujahids were injured by arrows shot from the forts.

On the second day, by the order of the Messenger of God, the Islamic army moved its headquarters to Reci’. Thus, the mujahideen were not only protected from the dangers that might come from the houses near them, but they were also kept away from the swamp in the first place they had settled.

Our Prophet and the mujahids would come to the upper parts of the Natat Fortress every morning armed, and fight the Jews until the evening, and return to Raji in the evening.

Hz. Importance of Ali (ra) in the Conquest of Khyber

The conquest had been going on for about 2 weeks, but it was an end. Couldn’t get it. Because our Prophet (saas) was disturbed, he sent the banner to Hz. Abu Bakr (ra) then Hz. He gave it to Umar (ra), but the conquest did not happen.

Our Prophet (saas) once said;

“Tomorrow I will give the banner to such a person that Allah and His Messenger love him, and he loves Allah and His Messenger. Allah will carry out the conquest by his hand.”

While every mujahid was waiting with the same desire, the same excitement and the same lofty feelings, our Prophet (saas) ordered the banner to be brought after the morning prayer. The banner was brought promptly. From now on, all eyes were on the banner that our Prophet (saas) held in his blessed hand, and ears were paying close attention to the words that would come out of their blessed mouths and would determine the conqueror. Our Prophet (saas) amongst this curious and exciting scene;

-“Where is Ali?” she asked.

The fate was clear now.

It is strange that at that time, Hz. Ali (ra) was troubled by his eyes.

They said, “O Messenger of Allah, his eyes hurt.”

Despite this, our Prophet (saas);

-“Let it be! Call, come!” he commanded.

Receiving the news, Hz. Ali (ra) immediately appeared before him. His aching eyes were healed by the prayers of our Prophet (saas) and Allah’s leave.

Our Prophet (saas) also said for him;

-“My God! It takes away the pain of the hot and cold!‘ he prayed.

Hz. Ali (ra) carried out the conquest by Allah’s permission by knocking down the enemies that came before him one by one.

Conquest of Khyber

The Conquest of Khyber and Its Consequences

  • The control and security of the Damascus trade route was firmly in the hands of the Muslims,
  • Jewish problem solved
  • It is the first offensive war of the Muslims,
  • Khaybar is the first Muslim conquest and thus the Islamic State policy of conquest began.

Agreement and Conditions Made as a Result of the Conquest of Khyber

  • The blood of the Jews who fought with the Muslims during the conquest will not be shed,
  • Jews leaving Khaybar will only be able to take their children and a camel’s load of necessary household items with them.
  • All the remaining movable and non-transportable goods, all weapons such as armor, swords, shields, bows, arrows, all clothing other than the clothes on them; The cloths, the gold, and also the treasures, all the animals such as horses, camels, sheep, and everything else will be left to the Muslims.
  • Anything that should be left to the Muslims will not be hidden under any circumstances. Those who hide will be excluded from the protection and protection of Allah and His Messenger.

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