Conditions of Faith and Brief Explanations


When we say the conditions of faith, there are 6 conditions. These conditions are fully included in the prayer, which we also know as the Amentu. It is beneficial for every Muslim to know these conditions. In order for us to be complete servants of Allah and to have complete faith, it is necessary to fulfill these 6 conditions completely and completely.

The conditions of faith are the necessity of believing. Faith literally means to believe, to confirm. In order to be a true servant, we must know the conditions of faith and we must live our lives in accordance with these conditions.

So, what are the conditions of faith that a Muslim should know? We have explained the items below.

Conditions of Faith

Al-Fatiha1- Belief in Allah

When we talk about the conditions of faith, the first and most basic thing is to believe in Allah (swt). God’s existence and unity, which we tawhid we say, it is the most important belief principle in all monotheistic religions.

Faith in God it means believing that Allah exists and is one, that He has all the superior attributes and that He is free from deficient attributes and is pure. For this “I believed by believing in the existence and oneness of Allah, I affirmed with my heart and confessed with my tongue. must mean.

Allah Almighty exists and is one, and all worship is done for Him. Allah has no partner and likeness. In Surah Ihlas;

“God is one, does not need anything, did not give birth and was not born, and He has no equal” expressed. For detailed information on the subject Faith in God You can check our article.

2- Belief in Angels

When we say the conditions of faith, it comes in the second place. We call angels the luminous and spiritual beings who cannot be perceived or seen with our sense organs, serve Allah and do not commit sin. In the lexicon, it means “messenger, messenger, power and strength”.

Belief in angels brings with it the revelation, the prophet and the books he brought, and belief in the hereafter. Because religious decrees were revealed to the prophets through angels.

The biggest of the angels are “Gabriel, Israfil, Azrail and Mikail” angels.

For detailed information on the subject to the angels Faith You can check our article.

3- Belief in Books

When we say the conditions of faith, it comes in the third place. The written form of what Allah revealed to His Prophet to guide His servants and guide them to the straight path. book is called.

We believe that books were sent down to some prophets by Allah and that the contents of these books are completely true and real. to believe means.

Almighty Allah (swt) said in Surah Nisa, “O you who believe, believe in Allah, His Messenger, the book He revealed to His Prophet, and the Book He sent down before. Whoever denies Allah, His angels, His books, His prophets and the Day of Judgment, he has gone astray” (an-Nisa 4/136).

The 4 Great Books and the Prophets They Revealed are as follows;

Torah, Hz. to Musa (as), Psalter, Hz. to David (as), Bible, Hz. to Jesus (as), Quran,Our Prophet It was revealed to Muhammad Mustafa (saas).

For detailed information on the subject Faith in Books You can check our article.

4- Belief in Prophets

When we say the conditions of faith, it comes in the fourth place. Those whom Allah has chosen from among His servants and appointed to convey His orders and prohibitions to people by honoring them with revelation. Prophet is called.

If we believe, we believe in all prophets. To the Prophets who were sent a new religion (Resul) The Prophet, who did not come with a new religion, but invited people to the previous religion. Prophet is called.

Belief in the prophets means believing that all the information brought by these people from Allah is true and correct. Almighty Allah (swt) has made it obligatory for every Muslim to believe in all prophets without making any distinction between them.

The First Prophet Adam (pbuh) and the Last Prophet is our Lord Muhammad Mustafa (saas). Prophethood ended with our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (saas).

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5- Belief in the Hereafter

When we say the conditions of faith, it comes in the fifth place. When the human body dies, he passes into the grave life. When the Doomsday comes, mankind will rise from the graves and thus the life of the hereafter will begin.

In the Hereafter, a person will take his place in Heaven or Hell according to what he has done in this world, and an eternal and new life will begin.

There are many verses in the Qur’an that talk about the hereafter: For example, in Surah Baqarah, verse 214. “They firmly believe in the Hereafter.” says.

For detailed information on the subject Belief in the Hereafter You can check our article.

6- Belief in Destiny

When we say the conditions of faith, it comes in the sixth place. Allah’s predestination of knowing what man will do, good and bad, destiny, He also created those known in accordance with his eternal knowledge when the time comes. accident is called.

Destiny is the product of Allah’s attribute of knowledge. Kaza, on the other hand, looks at the adjective of takwin. Belief in destiny and accident means believing in Allah’s attributes of knowledge, will, power and creation.

For detailed information on the subject Faith in Fate You can check our article.

First of all, the conditions of faith come first. Faith is essential and makes us truly human. Trust God, my dear.

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