Composition on Morality – Dua Surah Verse


Composition on morality

We wanted to write an article about morality. Because when we say morality, we express the basic point of society and this concept forms the basis of human relations.

Yes, morality is such a thing that it can make us valuable and valuable, on the contrary, someone who is not moral will depreciate and even become a person who can do all kinds of dirty things to those who are expected to do anything.

These people will never be loved in the society, and they will not be trusted with that person. These are always moral issues.

If a person does not have the morality that we call virtue, that person is excluded from society, he may engage in unlawful and harmful activities and may disturb others. He becomes disrespectful to his elders and minors, this person has no respect for life, no respect for those around him, and most importantly, no self-respect. He is a selfish person who only thinks of himself.

If he has no moral problems, that is, a moral person, he is considered to be loved in the society. This person also loves himself and lives in peace. He becomes peaceful, self-confident, and this temperament brings along good habits such as truthfulness and honesty.

Morality and Islam

Moral values ​​are also important for our religion, in this regard, Hz. Our Prophet (saas)slam is morality He summed up our religion beautifully. In another hadith, he emphasized the importance of morality by saying, “The best legacy a father can leave to his child is good morals.”

It is necessary for a Muslim to attach great importance to morality along with worship. Because fasting for an immoral person means that he is starving for nothing. Or to pray means to bend over and stand up in vain.

Our worship is a beautiful and clean morally When it is decorated, its value peaks. If we do not obey the orders and prohibitions of Allah for our good, if we eat the right of slaves and then pray 100 rak’ahs a day, prayers can we do it?

Moral Dfoundation of saddles

When we look sociologically, the ability of people to live together in society is bound by some rules by the society.

The rules created by the society are the rules that have been generally accepted by everyone over time. These have various foundations and are the rules that are formed as a result of many years of experience.

Some of the rules are based on religious thought, while others are based on the perception of law. Because although the perception of morality is a system of thought based on human beings, it has developed from religion, morality and justice system.

People who grow up in a moral structure know what to do. This situation removes confusion in life. It is seen that these people are respectful towards other people and protect their rights. They think not only of themselves but also of society.

Of course, another point to be considered is the difference between a person who seems to be moral and a moral person. Because we should also be careful with people who seem to be moral but who are unfortunately different in essence. We should determine our attitude after getting to know them well, not immediately with one or two behaviors.

Let’s not forget that while the value of moral people is humanity and society, those who lack moral values ​​are only themselves. It is not possible for people to have peace in a society devoid of morality.

Because the mother of all evil is immorality, and those who lack morality do not have honor, dignity, and do not give importance to the rights of the servants. For such people, it is only their own interests, whether they exist or not.

They don’t care what happens to other people. They do all kinds of immoral things about their own interests.

It is our hope that we can have good moral virtues and be in peace and prosperity both personally and socially.

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