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Dear followers, in this article, I will briefly share what we do not know about death and funeral prayer, which is the end of life and the beginning of eternity. As a matter of fact, death is a stop for everyone, even if no one wants to. A train with a one-way ticket maybe where our loved ones mourn behind us. One of the reasons why I am sharing this subject is a promise I made to one of my closest friends. I hope I can satisfy your curiosity a little bit.

What is death? How is the funeral prayer performed? I hope we will give brief information about these issues. Every creature will taste death. We have believed in the truth (Surah Al-i Imran, 185) that just as we came to this mortal world for the purpose of testing, we will return to the place we came from when our duty is finished.

Death, in short, means the end of life biologically. It can also be said that all living organisms lose their function and return to the ecosystem. It becomes a fish, it becomes a flower, it becomes a human, it becomes a bird. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lion. It doesn’t matter what form the being takes, the important thing is that a living thing, which has a life function, loses this vital functioning suddenly (accidentally) or over time.

According to our religion, death is not extinction, on the contrary, it is to exist in an eternal realm. To die means never to perish, to rot, to perish, to be nothing. Our God, whose power is endless, will certainly create us again just as He created us. Our death lord Hz. According to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), “A bridge connecting friend to friend”, Hz. According to Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, “Wedding day”, Allah (swt) in the Qur’an Everyone will taste death; Only on the Day of Resurrection will you be fully recompensed for what you have done. Whoever is removed from hell and put in heaven is now saved. The life of this world consists of deceptive things. (Surah Al-i Imran verse 185) he ordered.

How is the funeral prayer performed?

Our Beloved Prophet (saas) about the funeral prayer and funeral “Remember the good deeds of your dead, and do not speak of their bad.” (Tirmidhi, Cenâiz, 34).

preparations for a dead person rigto wash the dead gasilto be shrouded your offerto be placed in a coffin and transported test and tomb to be put burial is called.

It is important that the person to be prayed is Muslim, washed and shrouded, and in front of the congregation. In addition, according to the Hanafi and Maliki sects, it is necessary to have the whole body or more than half of it or at least half of it with the head.

Yes, the funeral prayer is a prayer without bowing and prostration. The pillars of this prayer are standing and they are takbirs we can say.

The funeral prayer is a prayer that is performed standing up with the iftitah (beginning) takbir and has four takbirs. It is obligatory to greet in this prayer. The sunnah of the funeral prayer is to praise and praise Allah, to send salawat and greetings to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), and to pray for both our dead and Muslim brothers.

The intention of prayer is made by keeping one line towards the corpse and the qibla. The imam ties his hands by saying takbir, and the congregation follows the imam by saying takbir.

In silence among the Imam and the congregation “Subhaneke” as “vecelle senâuk” they read by adding. Afterwards, the imam utters takbir without raising his hands, and the congregation recites the takbir in their hearts, and everyone silently “salli” and “baric” they read their prayers.

Afterwards, takbir is recited without raising the hands again, and those who know say a word. funeral prayer, if they don’t know “Fatiha” They read the surah or any other prayer. In the same way, the prayer is completed by saying takbir without raising the hands and saluting to the right and left.

Information about the Funeral Prayer

During the funeral prayer, it is important to comply with the conditions such as taharet (to be clean), to face the qibla, to setr-i awret (that is, to cover the parts that need to be covered) and intention.

According to the Shafi madhhab, the funeral prayer can be performed even if a person dies and only one limb remains. The Companions had died, but they performed the prayer of a Companion who only had a hand. A child born alive but dead is washed and the funeral prayer is performed. (al-Fatava’l-Hindiye)

funeral prayer time There is no specific time for it. Funeral prayers can be performed at any time of the day. However, it is not considered appropriate to perform it at the times of karaha unless it is a mandatory condition. (Tirmidhi, Cenaiz, 41).

It is better to perform the prayer and bury it quickly without waiting for a funeral that has been prepared with everything. (Tirmidhi, Cenaiz, 30). However, it is also permissible to keep the funeral waiting for a while so that there are more congregations, the relatives of the deceased, spouses and friends, etc., can attend the funeral.

funeral prayer in absentia First of all, the main thing is that the funeral is ready. However, it is permissible to pray for someone whose corpse is not ready. For example, when the Negus, the King of Abyssinia, died, the Messenger of Allah (saas) led his funeral prayer in his absence. (Bukhari)

Women’s participation in the funeral prayer Regarding this issue, women should not be on the same side as men unless it is necessary. At this point, regardless of the prayer, if women pray together with men, they should stand behind the men.

As a matter of fact, Hz. When we look at the life of the Prophet (pbuh), he arranged the prayer lines as men in the front, boys afterward, and women in the back. (Muslim). However, they said that it is makruh for women not to obey this rule during the funeral prayer.

Should the funeral prayer be held outside? If there is no excuse, it is performed outside the mosque. However, if there is an excuse such as rain, mud or cold, it is okay to perform it in the mosque (al-Fetava’l-Hindiye)

More than one funeral If there is, it is more appropriate to perform their funeral prayers separately. However, it is permissible to pray one prayer for all of them.

Can the funeral prayer be performed for the second time? In fact, the fard is fulfilled by performing it once. However, those who cannot attend the funeral prayer can perform it again individually (single) or in a separate congregation. Hz. Since the Prophet (saas) could not be present at the prayer, Umm Sa’d then performed the funeral prayer. (Tirmidhi)

Funeral prayer with shoes If there is no dirt on the shoes of the person who is going to pray, there is no harm in religion for him to perform the prayer with his shoes.

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Every creature will taste death…

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