Belief in the Hereafter – The Last Day and the Beginning of Eternal Life


Belief in the Hereafter is among the principles of faith and we have to believe in this truth. Because the conditions of faith are linked by chains and they can never be separated.

Before the subject of belief in the Hereafter, let’s see what the Hereafter means. vocabulary “last and last day” It means life after death, and in general it is used to express life after death.

What is Faith in the Hereafter?

Belief in the Hereafter is one of the conditions of faith, and this life is Hz. Eternal life is called eternal life when Israfil (pbuh) blows the Trumpet for the first time with the command and permission of Allah.

When Israfil (pbuh) blows the Trumpet for the second time, people will be resurrected and brought to account. Thus, they will either be punished or rewarded according to their faith and deeds in the world, and as a result, those who are in heaven will go to heaven and those who are in hell will go to hell.

in the Qur’an “al-yevmü’l- ahir” (last day) It is explained side by side with faith in Allah. This situation shows how important the belief in the Hereafter is among the principles of faith.

Believing in Allah and the prophets He sent as a guide, and believing in the hereafter that the prophet foretold brings with it. In other words, the principles of faith are connected with each other by a chain, and there can be no separation.

If a person says that he does not believe in the Hereafter for the sake of belief, he becomes a disbeliever because he denies the verses of the Qur’an. For “… whoever denies Allah, His angels, His books, His prophets and the Last Day, he has completely gone astray” The verse (Surat an-Nisa’ 4/136) is clear.

When we look at the Qur’an, it is explained in many verses that the life of this world is temporary, the life of the hereafter is essential and eternal, that they should not be deceived by the temporary pleasures of this temporary world, and that they should catch the happiness of the hereafter, which is better and better than them.

However, the Qur’an tells us not to neglect the life of this world, because the hereafter is earned in the world, and happiness in the hereafter depends on the way of life in this world. expression is being done.

Verses about belief in the Hereafter

This situation is described in the Qur’an as follows. “But you (O people) prefer the life of this world even though the Hereafter is better and more permanent” (Surah A’la 16-17)

“…Indeed, this worldly life is a temporary pastime. But the hereafter is really a home to stay” (Surah Believer 40/39)

“Ask for the abode of the hereafter from what Allah has given you (spending in His way); but do not forget your share of the world…” (Qasas Surah 28/77).

There are many names given in the Qur’an regarding the hereafter and the hereafter. Some of these names are:

al-yevm al-ahir (last day, afterlife) yevmü’l-ba’s (resurrection day), yevmü’l-kıyâme (doomsday), yevmu’d-din (day of punishment and reward), yevmü’l-hisâb (day of reckoning), yevmu’t-talaq (day of meeting), yevmü’l-hasre (day of longing and regret).

Our Prophet (saas) also has many hadiths about the Hereafter and about it. There are many hadiths about the signs of doomsday, life in the grave, judgment, reckoning, mizan, sirat, intercession, heaven and hell.

Yes, belief in the Hereafter is a very broad subject, we tried to write it briefly. Because after tawhid, the issue of the hereafter is mentioned the most in the Qur’an. eternal life We have explained the hereafter in different ways, you can read it by clicking on the link.

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