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Believing in books is one of the basic principles of faith. What is faith in the Books in this article? and we will tell you what is curious about it.

Book, as a word, means writing and written document. In a general sense, it is the verses that Allah (cc) revealed to his prophet to show us the right path and to enlighten us, and the written form of this.

to put it another way faith in booksmeans to believe that the most beautiful and perfect word of Allah is the truth, that it is true and that it belongs to Him.

Allah (swt) has given us many bounties, favors and bounties. One of them is melki, one of the most important is to us. guidance They are divine books that will guide you, show you the right and righteous way, and distinguish between right and wrong. We call the divine books the word of God. For example, the Torah and the Qur’an, which are among the holy books “Kalamullah” has been named.

Abdullah bin Omar (son of Hz. Omar (ra)) narrates. This is what I heard from my father. According to the narration known as the hadith of Jibril, Hz. Gabriel (as) came to our Prophet (pbuh) in a congregation and asked;

“What is faith?” Hz. The Prophet (saas) repliedto God, his angels, to your booksIt is believing in your prophets, in the Hereafter, in destiny with its good and evil.Among the principles he says (Muslim, belief 1) is belief in books.

faith in books

Al-FatihaTo believe in the books means to believe that the most beautiful word of Allah, which is the truth, reality and belongs to Him. Our religion commands to believe in all the Divine Books revealed by Allah.

Allah (swt) sent suhufs to some of the Prophets he sent to people, and to some of them books. In these divine books, Allah’s orders and prohibitions for us humans have been declared, good and beautiful ones have been recommended, and the truth has shown the way.

The Qur’an is the last divine book to be revealed. The last prophet Hz. It was revealed to Muhammad (saas). In the Qur’an, some prophets are told and some of these prophets are informed that books were revealed.

In other words, believing in books has an important place among the principles of faith. Because when we say to believe in the Qur’an, it requires accepting the existence of previous divine books.

Allah (CC) has sent books on people to know and serve their Lord throughout their lives, to learn about faith and worship, to learn about morality, to learn from the experiences of previous ummahs, the nature of the hereafter and many other subjects. These books help us reach happiness in both worlds.

Divine Books and Prophets

Some prophets in the Quran “books” to some “suhuf” It says (pages) has been downloaded. One of the prophets whose book was sent down, Hz. to Moses Torah, Hz. to David Psalter, Hz. to jesus Bible and Hz. to Muhammad (saas) The Holy Quran given.

Suhuf, that is, pages, Adam (as) 10 pages, Shit (as) 50 pages, Idris (as) 30 pages, Ibrahim (as) 10 pages, a total of 100 pages.

Each book confirmed the previous book. Likewise, the latest Qur’an confirms that the divine books before it are true and that all of them were sent to humanity as a means of guidance.

In the 136th verse of Nisa Surah, belief in the books is as follows. “O you who believe, believe in Allah, His Messenger, the book He revealed to His Prophet and the Book He revealed before.”

Again, in the 4th verse of Surah Al-Baqara, “Believers believe in what has been revealed to you and what was revealed before you (books), and they will definitely believe in the Hereafter.” says.

However, Allah (swt) states that not believing in divine books is blasphemy and perversion. “Whoever disbelieves in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers and the Last Day, he has fallen into deep error.” (Surah Nisa 136)

Divine books come directly from Allah. In this respect, it is the word of Allah both in word and meaning. If we say why these divine books have come, we say that they are for saving people from perversion, bringing them to guidance, goodness, enlightenment, and finally reaching their happiness in both worlds.

Believing in books is among the principles of faith and we believe. sacred to us our book to read, to meditate on its verses and to apply them to our lives. May God be with you. With greetings and prayers

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