Belief in Angels – Most Known Angels and Their Duties


Believing in angels is one of the basic principles of faith. What is the belief in angels in this article? and we will tell you what is curious about it.

Before going into the subject of belief in angels, let’s look at the word angel. Melek is an Arabic word and comes from the root eluk or eluke. Eluk means one who brings news and eluke means one who brings news.

Faith in Angels

Belief in angels is one of the basic principles of our religion. Belief in the existence of angels is an indication of belief in the unseen, which is one of the most fundamental aspects of believers who are deeply attached to Allah.

However, in the 136th verse of Surah Nur, “Whoever disbelieves in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers and the Last Day, he has fallen into a deep error.” He commands us to believe in angels.

Again, the 98th verse of Surah Baqarah is addressed to the angels. faith The subject has been clearly stated. “Whoever is hostile to Allah, His angels, His prophets, Jibril and Mikail should know that Allah is the enemy of the disbelievers.”

It has been warned that those who deny the existence of angels will fall into a deep error and that being hostile to angels will result in the enmity of Allah.

Abdullah bin Omar (son of Hazrat Umar (ra)) said: My father told me as follows. According to the narration also known as the hadith of Jibril, Hz. Gabriel (as) came to our Prophet (pbuh) in a crowded congregation and asked him

What is faith? Hz. The Prophet repliedto God, his angels, to your booksIt is believing in your prophets, in the Hereafter, in destiny with its good and evil.(Muslim, belief 1) also includes belief in angels.

Characteristics of Angels

When we say Faith in Angels, the following points come to the fore. They are subtle bodies and can take any shape they want. They have life, they are alive and luminous, they have intelligence, they are Allah’s beloved and precious servants, they are never their partners or daughters.

They obey Allah’s orders completely and do not rebel. They do not sin and are not separated into male and female. That is why they do not marry, give birth, reproduce, have no children, and do not eat or drink.

Angels are symbols of complete surrender to God. Because they are faithful servants who obey Allah unconditionally and do not follow His orders. In Surah Araf, Surah 206, this issue is explained as follows.

“Indeed, those who are with the Lord (angels) are not arrogant to worship Him. They glorify Him and prostrate only to Him.”

Angels are servants of the heavenly realm, and only Allah knows their exact number and duties. For, the existence of many angels is reported in the narrations.

Missions of Angels

Angels both worship Allah (cc) and perform various duties. Some angels are referred to as great angels, and the most well-known ones are as follows.

1- Gabriel (as): He is the highest of the angels. His duty is to bring revelation to the Prophets and to convey orders and prohibitions.

2- Azrael (as): It is responsible for taking the souls of living beings created with Allah’s permission and discretion.

3- Mikail (as): It is responsible for managing natural events. However, it is among the duties of sending sustenance, abundance, scarcity, expensiveness and moving every item.

4- Israfil (as): He is responsible for blowing the water that will start the Doomsday. Hearing this sound in the first blow, every living thing except Allah will die, and in the second, all living things will be resurrected.

Apart from these great angels, Allah has many other angels whose number we do not know, and belief in angels requires belief in them. Some of them are:

Kiramen Clerk: They are the angels who are on the right and left of people and record all good and evil.

Munker-Nakir: KThen again, it is the angels who will ask people about faith.

Ridvan: He is the guardian of heaven and the leader of the angels in heaven.

owner: He is the guardian of hell and the leader of the angels in hell.

It is obligatory to believe in angels, which are among the principles of belief. We Muslims fully believe thank you. May Allah not put us back from faith. Amine. I entrust it to Allah.

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