Belief in Angels – Duties and Types of Angels


We will write an article on the duties and types of angels. Angel means messenger, envoy, power, and they are luminous and spiritual beings that we cannot see with the naked eye, performing many different tasks by the order of Allah.

The duties of angels are very diverse. Some of them are busy with the dhikr and worship of Allah, some of them are in charge of my events in the universe, and some of them are in charge of human affairs.

Believing in angels is a basis of faith. There are many verses in the Qur’an stating that belief in angels is fard. E.g “The Prophet believed in what was revealed to him by his Lord, and so do the believers. Each one of them believed in Allah, his angels, his books, and his prophets…” (Baccarat 2/285)

Again, in the 177th verse of Surah Baqara, “…The real goodness belongs to Allah, Judgment daygood deeds of those who believe in angels, books and prophets…”

A person who does not believe in angels and does not believe in these verses openly becomes a disbeliever. In addition, in the 98th verse of Surat al-Baqara, Allah Almighty describes those who are hostile to angels as unbelievers, and it is stated that those who are in such a situation are enemies of Allah.

Not believing in angels means not believing in the revelation, which is the duty of angels, the book that came to the prophets and the religion they conveyed. Because religious decrees were revealed to the prophets through angels.

Duties and Types of Angels

In general, the duties of angels, whose exact number is not known, are to serve Allah and do whatever He commands. The duties and names of angels are named differently in terms of the duties they undertake.

four great angels

Gabriel (as), He is one of the four great angels and is assigned by Allah to bring revelation. Gabriel (as) also Ruhu’l-emin It is said to mean trustworthy spirit. This name is in the Qur’an Sura 193-194. in the eyta it goes like this. “He was revealed by Rûhu’l-Emîn, that is, Gabriel.”

Gabriel (as) The one closest to Allah among the angels, the highest and the greatest, which means the lord of the angels. “sayyidu’l-malaike” is also called.

Mikail (as) It is among the four great angels and is responsible for raising and distributing the natural events in the universe and the sustenance of the created beings.

Israfil (as) On the other hand, it is the angel who is in charge of blowing the horn that will bring the doomsday. Israfil (as) will blow the trumpet twice. In the first, the apocalypse will break, and in the second, there will be resurrection. Israfil (as) is also the angel who implements Allah’s orders about giving life.

Azrael (as) On the other hand, it is responsible for taking the souls of living things at the time of death and is also known as “melekü’l-mevt”, that is, the angel of death.

The duties and types of angels Kiraman Katibin let’s go with the angels. These angels are two angels who are on the right and left of people and are assigned to write down all their good and bad deeds and behaviors.

To these angels angels of memory These angels are mentioned in the Qur’an as follows. In the 17th verse of the chapter of Qaf, “Two angels sit with him on his right and on his left and write what he did.”

Munkar and Nakir angels

They are two angels who serve as interrogators in the grave after people die. Munkar and nekir means “the unknown, the strange” as words, and they got this name because they appear to the dead in the grave in a way that they have never seen.

These angels are for the dead lying in the grave, “Who is your Lord? Who is your prophet? What is your book?” They will ask good or bad treatment according to the answer they get. In other words, they are two angels who will interrogate the deceased in the grave and punish him when necessary.

Hamele-i Arş angels

The duties and types of angels Hamele-i Arş Let’s continue with the angel named, these angels are the angels carrying the Throne. these angels The holy angels of the Throne whether
They are in charge of glorifying and praising Allah, they are angels very close to Him and honorable in His sight. They also ask Allah’s forgiveness for sinful servants.

There is a statement about them in the 7th verse of Surah Mu’min in the Qur’an. The Throne and those around it (angels) They glorify the praise of their Lord. They believe in him…”

Melaike-i muekkel angels

As expressed in the verses, even unconscious beings such as mountains glorify Allah.

Hamele-i mtesil angels

They are the angels who convey the order he receives from Allah to the heavens of the world.

Amele-i representative angels

It is the worker angels who provide the administration and order of the universe and implement, carry and represent those laws called “the Laws of Nature”.

Ibad-i musebbih angels

Angels who always glorify Allah

Jund Subhani angels

They are the angels who stone the jinn and devils who haunt the angels in the sky with their evil in order to get information, that is, to get information.

heaven angels

That beautiful end is the Paradises of Eden. They (they) enter there with those who are righteous from their ancestors, their wives, and their offspring. Angels also enter them through every door. And “Greetings to you for your patience; How beautiful is the end of the (un) homeland (Heaven)!” they say)” (Surah Ra’d 23-24)

hell’s angels

These angels are called “Fiends”. Their leader is an angel named Malik. “There are nineteen (Guardians of Hell) on it! (We) have made the owners of Hell (the devils) none other than angels…” (Surah Müddesir 30-31)

Angels who have close relations with humans

Man’s relationship with angels begins not with birth, but maybe even before birth, even before falling into the womb. Allah (CC) assigns an angel to the womb of the mother.” (Bukhari)

These angels protect people, write down their deeds, do not leave him alone from the time he fell into his mother’s womb to the grave, pray for us and stand by people in prayer, stand by them against troubles and calamities (There is no soul that does not have a guardian (guardian) over it! (Tarik) , 4) are angels praying to people.

We hope that the angels who are with us, praying and helping us are with us.

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