Belief in Allah – The First Condition of Faith in All Divine Religions


What is the first condition of faith? When we say that, belief in Allah, the only one who created and administers the universe, who is worshiped and whose power and knowledge is infinite, comes first.

If we say yes, what is the highest truth in the world, our answer is faith. Because faith is happiness in this world and happiness in the hereafter. When we say faith, we also say faith in God. Without belief in Allah, which is the first condition of belief, there is no belief.

The first condition of faith: Belief in Allah

Yes, it is the first and foundation of faith. When we look at all divine religions, the existence and unity of Allah, that is, tawhid It has been the most important and first principle of belief. Because all the principles of belief and everything related to belief are based on belief in Allah and His unity and oneness.

Islamic scholars have defined the first condition of belief, belief in Allah, as follows. “God, It is the name of the supreme being whose existence is obligatory, worthy of all praise and praise”.

yes god vIts unity and unity is necessary, so everything needs it, and he doesn’t need anything. In order to create that thing, it is enough for him to say “Be” and it happens in the most perfect and wonderful way. He knows everything he has created, that his knowledge is infinite. Not even a leaf moves without wishing it.

As some say, he scanned the universe, but if he stepped aside, it would never be so. Allah knows everything, His power is infinite and He saves the universe as He wishes.

Belief in Allah, which is the gateway to Islam, has been used as the proper name of the real god, that is, the only being worshiped and the only creator in Islamic literature. The reason for this was not given as a name to any being other than Him.

There is belief in Allah, which is the first condition of faith, and it means that it is one, that it is characterized with all its superior names and attributes, that it has no defect, that he is the creator of the known and unknown realms and everything, and that he holds everything in his knowledge and power, from the speck to the sun.

Surah Ihlas and Allah’s Faith

Belief in Allah, which is the first condition of belief in the Qur’an, is best done Ihlas explained in Surah.

The first condition of faith
Surah Ikhlas

In a hadith, it is explained how belief in Allah should be by saying, “Whoever testifies from his heart and testifies that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”.

Belief in Allah brings together belief in angels, books, the Prophet he appointed, belief in the fact that good and evil come from him, and the Hereafter. That is, whoever denies any of these cannot be a believer.

Hz. The following words of Abraham in the Qur’an also guide us in terms of belief in Allah: “He is the one who created me and showed me the right way. He is the one who makes me eat and drink. He is the one who heals me when I am sick. He is the one who will take my life and then resurrect me. It is He who I hope will forgive my mistakes on the Day of Judgment.”

The first condition of faith in us, together with faith in Allah, faith Praise be to Almighty Allah for enabling us to believe in their truths.

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