Belief in Allah – The Basis of Faith


Belief in Allah is the first of the conditions of belief. Belief in Allah means “confirming with the heart, confessing (saying) with the tongue and acting with the body”.

faith in god It would not be wrong to say that it is the most basic point for human beings to come to this world and live. Because Allah showed Himself with His Names and Attributes in this universe, He sent prophets and sent down books.

In other words, he wants to introduce and report himself. We must make the utmost effort and effort to know Allah with our faith and to endear ourselves to Him through our worship.

GetGod’s Faith

faith in god

When the delegation, who went to great lengths to learn about Islam, came before the Messenger of Allah, Hz. The Prophet said to them, “Welcome!” he greets. Hz. After the meeting of the Prophet, Abdullah b. Avf takes the floor and says, “O Messenger of Allah! We come to you from distant lands by making grueling journeys.

In addition, since there are Mudar tribes who are people of disbelief and hostile towards us where we come from, we can only come here in the forbidden months when war is prohibited. Recommend us such effective and beautiful things that we can tell the people we left behind and enable us to enter Paradise.” says.

After these statements, the Messenger of Allah (saas) told them to believe only in the One God, do you know what it means to believe in the One God? she asked. They said, “Allah and His Messenger know best.” upon their saying;

“Belief that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger, to perform the prayer properly, to pay the zakat, and to fast (the Ramadan fast).” said. After that, Hz. Prophet “Memorize what I said and tell it to the tribespeople you left behind.” he said goodbye to them.

Abdulkays delegation, who wanted information in order to achieve worldly and literary happiness, told Hz. The Prophet (saas) said: “Confirmation with the heart, confession with the tongue, and acting with the organs (body)” It is a whole made up of

That is to believe in Allah; It is affirming that Allah exists, is one, has no equal, has no partner, has no partner, nothing equal. And living in line with these truths.

Confirming Faith with the Heart

Belief in Allah is the foundation of the principles of faith. It is the common message of all prophets. All scriptures have a common subject. It is the best and most beautiful thing a person can do. It is the most basic phenomenon that makes a human human.

Belief in Allah is essentially affirming from the heart that he is great, unique and unique, and that he is the only one worthy of worship and worship. Because the station of affirmation and belief is the heart.

Faith is believing wholeheartedly that the addressee is the heart. It is desired that faith should be in essence and in truth, not in form or appearance, and again, its place is in the heart. If we say that faith is a matter of conscience, its center is the heart.

For this reason, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) Whoever testifies with his heart that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his Messenger, Allah will forbid Hell for him.” he said. In other words, he emphasized that belief in Allah is from the heart, and pointed out that eternal happiness will only be possible when faith settles in the heart.

Confession of Faith with Language

When we say belief in Allah, we say the first addressee is the heart, and the next dimension is acknowledgment with the tongue. In the hadiths, attention is drawn to the dimension of belief in Allah with the tongue and it is aimed to say the words expressing belief in Allah. believers has been encouraged.

There are many hadiths on this point. For example, “Who (every day) says ‘Lâilâhe illlâllâhu vahdehû lâşerîkeleh, lehü’lmülkü ve lehü’lhamdü ve huveala kulli sey’inkadir 100 times.’ If he says these words, he said that these words correspond to the reward of freeing 10 slaves, 100 good deeds are written and 100 sins are erased, (These words) are kept for him against the devils until the evening of that day.

Yes, an important point is that a person should always keep the consciousness of belief in Allah that exists in his heart. For this, St. The Prophet (saas) asked believers to utter words that remind them of faith, and emphasized that they should practice their prayers with this awareness.

At this point, the importance of worship emerges. Because in worship, both the heart, tongue and organs constantly glorify Allah, reminding Allah, and reminding of faith.

Faith and Deed

It will be seen that another indication of belief in Allah is to act. Belief in Allah is rooted and strengthened in hearts, and manifestations of faith appear in all areas of life through actual living of faith.

Belief can preserve its existence and strength through its actual realization. For him, faith requires action along with it. In other words, there should be both action and contemplation so that they give strength to each other.

Let’s not forget that belief in Allah is very important. But there is another important issue, which is to preserve it. Because we have an insidious enemy like the devil who wants to take it away from us. We need faith, deeds and knowledge to fight it…

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