Battle of Uhud (27 March 625) Causes and Consequences


Battle of Uhud
Battle of Uhud

History of the Battle of Uhud

Uhud War It was built on 27 March 625, between the Meccan Abu Sufyan Army and the Muslims, on the skirts of Uhud Mountain.

Cause of the Battle of Uhud

The Quraysh wanted to avenge the Battle of Badr and regain their lost reputation. That’s why they would fight.

Brief Summary of the Battle of Uhud

Abu Sufyan your son, Abu Sufya’s wife Hindhis brother, his father, his uncle, and his son, and IkrimaThey had lost their father (Abu Jahl). That’s why they had a grudge. After the goods of the caravan led by Abu Sufya gave everyone a share, they decided to form a strong army with the remaining profit.

The Quraysh formed an army of 3000 with the participation of the Arab tribes outside of Mecca. This army consisted of 700 armored, 200 cavalry and 3000 camels. There were 14 women in total, including the wife of Abu Sufya.

In addition, the Abyssinian slave of Cubayr bin Mutim from Mecca Wild‘eat;

“Join this war, too. When he said, “If you can kill Hamza, Muhammad’s uncle, I will free you”, Wild also joined the war.

His uncle Abbas (ra) informed his nephew about the war preparations of the Quraysh in a letter.

Thereupon, our Prophet (saas) kept the news reported in the letter secret and sent explorers. The news sent by the explorers matched exactly with those in the letter. Thereupon, our Prophet (saas) established a war council.

Two ideas emerged;

1.) Enemy would be met in the City

2.) There would be a pitched battle with the enemy

Young people, influenced by the praising verses about the veterans who participated in the Battle of Badr, wanted to have a field battle with the enemy. After meeting with the Companions of the Prophet (saas), they decided on a field battle.

The Quraysh had settled on the side of Mount Uhud facing Madinah. The Muslim army of 700 people under the command of our Prophet (saas) reached Mount Uhud and began preparations. The aim of the polytheists was to defeat the Muslims in the war and then plunder the city. For this reason, the side of Mount Uhud, which is close to Medina, was chosen as the war zone.

Our Prophet (saas) turned the army’s back on the mountain and took sides against the enemy who was occupying the barren land in front of him. As in Badr, our Prophet (saas) again placed the army in its proper place. He guarded the places where the enemy could infiltrate and lay siege with archers.

Especially to wait for the mountain on the left side of Ordulu, Abdullah b. He left it to Jubayr. And with a firm order;

“Do not leave your places, whether the enemy is defeated or not,” he said.

Battle of Uhud
Battle of Uhud

Phases of the Battle of Uhud

The Beginning of the War and the Supremacy of the Muslims

With the start of the war, the Muslims had the upper hand against the enemy. They killed nearly 20 Enemies and defeated the polytheists.

Muslims Diving into Worldly Enthusiasm Polytheists Establishing Supremacy

Abdullah b. As a result of the 50 archers under the command of Jubayr leaving their places and joining the Muslims collecting the booty, the Muslims, especially the Prophet. They lost 70 Martyrs, including Hamza.

Counteroffensive and Ending the War

The Muslims gathered around our Prophet (saas) counterattacked and stopped the enemy’s attack.

Hz. Martyrdom of Hamza

The Prophet’s (saas) uncle, Hz. Hamza was attacking and fighting the enemy like a roaring lion and decimating his opponents. Muslims were in a superior position when the war was most heated.

Seeing that the enemy had fled, they followed the booty, and Halid b. Walid and 200 cavalry under his command passed the passage protected by a small number of Islamic archers and began to hit the Islamic army from behind. Muslims were caught between two fires. At this time, St. He was martyred by the arrow shot by Hamza Wild.

Battle of Uhud

Consequences of the Battle of Uhud

  • The Meccans failed to realize their main aim, which was to destroy the population of our Prophet (saas).
  • The Meccans realized that they would not be able to destroy the Muslims.

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