Battle of Nehrevan and Hz. Martyrdom of Ali (ra) (658)


Battle of Nehrevan It was held in July 658 between the Khalifa and the Caliph Hazrat Ali. Most of the Kharijites were killed by Ali’s army.

Battle of Nehrevan and Hz. Martyrdom of Ali

Date: July 658

Reason: The outsiders who appeared after the referee incident, Hz. They opposed Ali (ra).

Parties: Hz. The army of Ali (ra) and the Kharijites are the sides of the war.

Results: Many of the Kharijites were killed and the revolt was temporarily suppressed.

Significance: Most of the Kharijites were killed but not completely eliminated. Afterwards, He was martyred by Ali(ra) Kharijib ibn Muljam. Thus, the Period of the 4 Caliphs ended.

Battle of Nehrevan Summary

After the Battle of Siffin ended and the arbitration committee was formed, Hz. Ali (ra) and his army set out to return to Küfe, the center of the state.

In the war, Mr. A group of soldiers led by the soldiers who disobeyed Ali (ra)’s orders and warnings and accepted the election of an arbitrator, “The judgment belongs only to Allah.” (Surat al-An’am 6/57) they objected, saying that they were disbelievers, and repented. They want Ali (ra) to repent too.

Otherwise, they declare that they will not recognize your caliphate. This group, known as Kharijites, reached a number of 12,000 people in this way and did not go to Kufa, but went to the region called Harura. These people were later called Abdullah b. They appointed Vehbi as their leader.

Hz. Although Ali (ra) repeatedly declared that what he did was wrong by both writing letters and sending emissaries with them, the Kharijites did not believe him. Hz. Even though Ali (ra) tried to explain that during the war, the enemy hung verses of the Qur’an on spears, it was a trick, and that he insisted on choosing Musa when choosing a referee, but he did not succeed.

After all his efforts, Hz. Ali (ra) gave up hope on them and moved to Damascus. While they were staying in a place called Huhayle, the news came that the Kharijites had killed innocent people in the city and robbed people of their property and lives.

Upon these developments, some people in the army, Hz. They asked Ali (ra) that they had left their wives and children behind, that they had property, and instead of going to Damascus, they wanted this matter to be settled first. Hz. Ali (ra) welcomed this offer and they returned.

Hz. While Ali (ra) and his army were returning, the Kharijites sent news and gathered in Nehrevan. Hz. Ali (ra) went to Nehrevan with his army and demanded the murderers. The Kharijites replied, “We are all murderers of those who were killed. We all consider their blood and blood halal for ourselves.”

After this answer, the only solution remained to fight. Addressing the Kharijites for the last time, Hz. Ali (ra) said, “People from among you who do not kill our brothers and do not want to be killed are safe if they come under this flag. Those who return to Kufa or Medâin are also safe. After handing over the murderers to us, there is no need to shed blood here.” He has commanded. Some of them came back, some of them Hz. He joined the army of Ali (ra). A fierce war began with the rest and most of the Kharijites were killed.

Hz. Martyrdom of Ali

From the Kharijites Abdullah b. Mülcem, Berj b. Abdullah and Amr b. They met with Bekr in the castle of Tamim and prayed for the dead. In their conversation with the Buddha, Hz. Ali (ra), Muaviye and Amr b. They decided to assassinate As. Hz. Ali Ibn Muljam, Hz. Muaviye’yi Berk, Amr b. As of Amr b. Bekr will kill.

Each of them made the necessary preparations and dispersed to the cities. The night connecting Thursday to Friday, on the 17th day of Ramadan in the 40th year of the Hijri, Hz. When Ali (ra) left his house for the morning prayer, he sent Hz. He struck the front of Ali (ra)’s head. During the attack, Ibn Muljam said, “Order and judgment belong only to Allah, O Ali! Not to you and your friends!” he exclaims. Then the murderer Ibn Muljam was caught.

Hazrat Ali (ra) “Keep this in jail and be nice there. I will think about what I will do if I live. I donate or retaliate. If I die, only one life will be taken for one life and I will give it a muse / nose, ear, etc. No cutting!” says.

And Hz. After advising his sons to fear Allah and do good deeds, Ali (ra) said, “Whoever does an iota of good (goodness) will be rewarded for it. Whoever does an iota of evil (evil) will be rewarded for it. He died at the age of sixty-three by reading the verse. Rest in peace.

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