Arabic Recitation of Rabbi Yesir Prayer


Rabbi Yessir prayer is the prayer that is read to make our work easier and give spiritual comfort. This prayer is read right after the basmala.

The meaning and value of the Rabbi Yessir prayer is very special. This prayer is not a chapter or a verse in the Qur’an, and when we start a job, we read it with the intention of making our work easier, comfort and spiritual comfort. In a way, when starting a job, it is like saying basmala and asking for help from Allah.

Considering the meaning of prayer, it is to ask Allah for the work to be concluded in a good way for him. In this way, religious scholars prayer They say that the work started by the person who does it will end easily and in a good way, without tiring.

Of course, the main thing is Allah, who will give our wishes and desires, as always, so it is essential to have sincerity and sincerity when asking him.

When and Why is the Prayer of Rabbi Yessir Read?

We can read it before starting any work that is permissible and not contrary to the religion, that is, not haram. When taking any exam, going to a job interview, etc. It can be read at the beginning of every good work. By reading this prayer, we pray that the work started will be easy, not difficult and will result in good.

Arabic Recitation of Rabbi Yessir Prayer

Rabbi yessir
Rabbi yessir prayer

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, Rabbi yessir vela tuassir Rabbi temmim bi’l-hayr

O Allah, make it easy, do not make it difficult. O Allah, conclude (this job) with good (final).

The Virtues of Rabbi Yessir Prayer

  • When you read the Rabbi Yessir Prayer, the burden on you will be lessened and your work and choices will be easier inshallah.
  • Our hard work is easily completed with the permission of Allah (swt).
  • With the permission of Allah (swt), it is ensured that the work started will be easy and the result will be good.
  • If it is read to pass the exam, it will be successful with the permission of Allah (swt).
  • If it is read for a job interview, it starts with the permission of Allah (swt).
  • What is intended while reading (if it is not against religion) (Allah (cc))’s permission will come true.
  • It ensures that the people who read get rid of all kinds of material and spiritual troubles and delusions and find peace.
  • It is like a prayer of sustenance. It the prayer I hope believers who run for halal sustenance by reading will find an ease.
  • It helps open the auspicious doors of people who see themselves as helpless and looking for a way out.
  • It is hoped that those who have problems in the family will reach a peaceful family environment with this prayer.
  • It gives the strength to endure people with a serious illness, increases their patience, and I hope it will be instrumental in their healing.
  • I hope it is like a prayer that will get rid of any accident that may happen to us.

There is no specific time to read this prayer. We can read whenever we want, whenever we need. The important thing is to memorize and read everything with sincerity and sincerity.

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