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We tried to gather the advice of our Prophet (saas) about Friday. The word Friday means “to gather, to gather and to gather together”. Friday is the most virtuous day and holiday of the week for us Muslims. In this article, our Prophet (saas) Friday We tried to share his advice on the right.

There are many hadiths about Friday, its virtue and importance. For example, Allah (swt) said on Saturday that Hz. Prophet Musa (pbuh) on Sunday. Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and the last Prophet, Friday, the most virtuous day of the week. blessed Prophet Muhammad (saas).

Our Prophet (saas) says, “The best day when the sun rises is Friday. Hz. Adam (as) was created that day and was put in heaven that day. He was expelled from heaven that day. And the Day of Judgment will only come on that day.” (Muslim)

Again, Hz. The Prophet (pbuh) said about Friday, “Friday is one of your most virtuous days” (Abu Dawud) and emphasized the importance of this day. your virtue has informed us.

Advice of the Prophet on Friday

Friday Pray

About the Prophet (saas) on Friday; Our Prophet (saas) says, “The best day when the sun rises is Friday. Hz. Adam (as) was created that day and was put in heaven that day. He was expelled from heaven that day. And the Day of Judgment will only come on that day.” (Muslim)

Undoubtedly, the most important factors that make Friday so virtuous are Friday Pray before the prayer is the sermon. Our Prophet (PBUH) wanted Muslims to come to the Friday prayer as early as possible. Regarding this, he said:

“When it is Friday, angels stand at the door of the mosque and record the arrivals in the order of their arrival. The first to come (for Allah) is like the one who gives charity (charity) on a camel.

The one who comes after him is like the one who donates a cattle, a ram, a chicken in order, and the last one is like the one who donates an egg. When the imam goes to the Friday sermon, the angels stop writing thawabs and start listening to the sermon.” (Bukhari)

Our Prophet (saas) said that a person who goes to the mosque early for the Friday prayer after being cleaned on Friday, who is silent and listens to the sermon, will be rewarded for a year’s worth of fasting during the day and praying at night for every step he takes on this path. (Tirmidhi)

In addition, he recommended that many salawat be brought to him on this day and informed that these salawats would be delivered to him. (Abu Dawud)

In another Hadith; Whoever performs a ghusl, then comes to Friday and performs the Friday prayer, then listens silently (the imam) until the end of his sermon, and then performs the prayer together with the congregation, his sins between that Friday and the next Friday will be forgiven. (Muslim)

Our Prophet (saas) asked Muslims to make special preparations for the Friday prayer on this precious day and said:

Verses and Hadiths Declaring that Friday Prayer is Fard

Another responsibility that must be fulfilled on Friday is to attend the Friday prayer.

It is a fard month to perform the Friday prayer. Its being fard is fixed by the Qur’an, Sunnah and Ijma. Almighty Allah says in the 9th verse of Friday Surah, “O you who believe! When the call for prayer (adhan) is called on Friday, stop shopping immediately and run to the remembrance of Allah (dhikr). That is better for you if you know. he commands.

Hz. The Prophet (saas) said, “Going to perform the Friday prayer is obligatory for every Muslim man who has reached puberty.” (Abu Dawud) said. The commandment placed this responsibility on adults.

Friday prayer, St. It has been performed from the time of the Prophet (saas) until now, and there has been no difference of opinion as to whether it is fard.

Importance of Friday Sermon

During the Friday prayer, the congregation should not talk to each other, even greet each other, and should not engage in any work, such as voluntary prayers. The person who comes to the Friday prayer after the sermon has begun to be read should sit down and listen to the sermon without performing the first sunnah.

Regarding this sermon, our Prophet (saas) said, “Even if the imam (only) says to his friend, ‘listen’ on Friday, while he is delivering the sermon, he (again) will be talking in vain and unnecessary.” (Bukhari)

The khutbah is also read during the eid prayers, while the eid sermons are sunnah on Friday. sermon it is fard.

According to what Jabir bin Abdullah told; Our Prophet (saas) was delivering a sermon in prayer on a Friday. At this time, a caravan came from Damascus. The shopping to be made from this caravan was important for the Companions.

The Companions, who were distracted with excitement, Forgetting for a moment that the Prophet was speaking, they emptied the mosque and went shopping. Hz. While the Prophet was continuing his sermon, only 12 people remained in the mosque. (Muslim)

Thereupon, Hz. Prophet I swear by the Almighty God, in whose hand is my existence, if all of you had followed them and there had been no one left here, this valley would have turned into fire for you.” he said, expressing his sadness.

Allah (swt) said, “When they saw a trade or entertainment, they rushed to it and left you standing (on the pulpit). Say: What is with Allah is more beneficial than entertainment and commerce, and Allah is the best of providers. [Cuma suresi 11.ayet) buyurarak Müslümanları uyarmıştı.

Bu hadiseden sonra Resûlullah (s.a.v) mescitte alışveriş yapılmasını, şiirlerin okunmasını, kayıp ilanı verilmesini ve cuma günü namazdan önce çeşitli halkalar kurulmasını yasaklamıştı. (İbn Hanbel)

Our Prophet’s Friday Prayer

After the khutbah is delivered, two rak’ahs of Friday prayer are performed. (Nesai, Friday, 37) Prayer was performed when the sun was inclining from the top to the west. (Bukhari, Friday, 16.]It would end before there was a shadow for people to take shelter in. (Bukhari)

While our Prophet was praying, he would sometimes recite the Surah Friday and the Surah Munafiqun (Muslim), and sometimes the surahs of A’la and Gashiya. (Muslim)

In addition, the Messenger of Allah (saas) talked about a very blessed moment on Friday that day. “..If he wants something from Allah at that time, Allah will definitely give him that request.” (Tirmidhi, Friday 2)

There are different hadiths about when this blessed time is. If these narrations include arriving before the Friday prayer and waiting for the prayer, we can say that it is highly likely that the response time will be within the period until the Friday prayer is completed.

For this reason, it is necessary to try to catch the time in question with the prayers to be made before and after the prayer, the prayer verses to be read by the imam during the prayer and the prayer verses to be read in the tahiyyat.

In fact, it is necessary to say, “When the prayer is finished, disperse on the earth and seek sustenance from Allah’s bounty. Remember Allah a lot, hopefully you will be successful.” When the verse (Friday Surah 10.) and the hadiths (Tirmidhi) expressing that this important time of Friday is after Asr are examined, one should continue to pray and make supplications (remembering Allah) even while doing business.

When our Prophet (saas) designated Friday as Eid, he also arranged the things that should and should not be done on that day. “None of you should fast for Friday (only) unless he fasts the day before or the day after Friday!” He explained what should not be done. (Bukhari)

In short, the word

About Friday, Allah has bestowed upon us this holiday, which He bestowed on His servants, as a gift, and has given Muslims an important opportunity to forgive their sins, who are aware of the meaning and importance of this day and fulfill these virtues.

a joke; Have a Holly Friday in its place, Friday is already blessed. May You Be Blessed With Friday” It would be nicer and more beautiful to pray. God bless you my dear..

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