Abu Katede and her Displaced Eyes


His name was Abu katede, and his nickname was the Prophet’s cavalry, and our beloved Prophet (saas) was a Companion whom he complimented many times.

In this article, we will deal with how the blessed prophet showed miracles, when the treatment of a Companion who was seriously injured during a war is very difficult even with the current means.

Because of the heroism he showed in the wars, Hz. He received the prayer of the Prophet (saas) by gaining his appreciation. For his efforts and success in the Gabe War, Hz. The Prophet told him “The best of our cavalry is Abu Qatada”. (Muslim)

The journey continued through the night for an expedition. In this journey, Mr. The Prophet (saas) fell asleep on his mount at dawn, and Abu Qatada straightened him twice without waking him up. When he straightened the third, then Hz. The Prophet (saas) woke up and prayed to him, “May Allah protect you as you protected His Prophet”. (Muslim)

One night, St. They encountered our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet asked him in the dark, O Abu katede, are you? When I said yes, O Messenger of Allah, he gave him a dry stick. From that day on, that stick became like our familiar flashlight. The darkest nights were brightly illuminated by that rod.

Once, the Muslims were fighting the enemy near Mount Uhud, near Medina, and Abu Qatada was in this war. During the war, the Muslims fell into a very difficult situation.

In fact, our beloved Prophet (saas) was torn between a few of his friends and the enemy. The enemies surrounded him and attacked him fiercely, but the friends of our Prophet (saas) defended him in a way that was unprecedented in history.

An Arrow and an Eye

Once, Abu Katede saw that one of the polytheists was shooting an arrow at the Prophet (saas), and without thinking about it, he jumped in front of that arrow at the expense of his life. The arrow hit him in the eye, and his eye was severely injured.

Abu katede’s eye was severed and he was in pain, but he did not even think about it, he was even happy that he blocked the arrow that came to our beloved Prophet (saas).

The war had slowed down a bit. Our Prophet (saas) came to him and showed his eyes by explaining the situation. Our Prophet (saas) said to him, if you wish, be patient with this situation and a paradise will be prepared for you.

As for Hazrat Abu katede, O Messenger of Allah, I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful family. I don’t want them to see me like this. Wouldn’t it be okay if my eye was healed and heaven was prepared? said.

Our Prophet smiled and took Abu katedi’s eye and placed it in his socket, anointing it with his blessed saliva and praying for him. Soon after, Abu katede your eye He realized that he had suddenly recovered and began to see. In fact, he could see so well that it was better and brighter than the other eye.

Hz. The Prophet then prayed for Abu Qatada to be among the people of Paradise.

Isn’t it interesting? Now, what kind of operating room, team and equipment is required for that eye, is it sufficient and will the results be obtained? unknown. But Hz. With the Prophet’s anointing and prayer, that is, a miracle, that eye saw better than before. In fact, that blessed Companion says that my eye was always healthy until he passed away.

Allah loved our Prophet (saas) very much and also loved his friends whom he loved. He would replace his friend’s torn eye for him and immediately heal that eye with a prayer.

Abu Katede’s Prayer

The Messenger of Allah (saas) prayed for Abu Qatada to stay young: “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Efleha’llahu vecheke Allahumma barik lehu fi sha’rihi and humane”.

Meal; May Allah increase the beauty of your face. O Allah, bless his hair and body. With the blessings of this prayer, when Abu Qatada (ra) died at the age of 70, according to the testimony of the witnesses, he looked young, alive and beautiful, like a fifteen-year-old boy.

Abu Qatada was one of the notables of the Companions and narrated more than 170 hadiths. He died in Madinah and prayed the funeral prayer to Hz. There are rumors that Ali removed it. God bless him.

O Allah, for the sake of our Prophet (saas), heal our material and spiritual diseases. Don’t take us off course. Amine.

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