A Wonderful Religious Parable About Our Judgment Day Situation


The Judgment Day is so terrible that we will look at the moments we stayed in this world and say, I wish I had done this, I wish it had been like that. If this is the case, let’s start with the wish to learn from the hadith.

Both this story we will tell about the Judgment Day and other religious parables And it is necessary to look at the stories as an example and take lessons. Especially if we come across it while traveling in the virtual world, it is necessary to say that there is a wisdom and read it..

A Religious Story

While walking on the road with his army one night, Zulkarneyn (pbuh) gave an order and said, “Collect the things that get stuck in your feet.”

When the soldiers in the army heard this order; A group of them said, “We have already walked a lot and we are very tired. And let’s make weight for nothing by collecting the things that get stuck in our feet at night. They said they won’t collect anything and they didn’t collect anything.

The second group, on the other hand, talked among themselves and said, “Since our Commander has ordered us, let’s gather a little bit, let’s not oppose his order. Because he is the commander of the army and obedience is required.” At least they collected something.

When a third group heard this order, they said, “If our commander orders something, he does not say it in vain. He certainly knows something, he has a wisdom. They said and collected all they had.

It was morning and they saw that they had passed through a gold mine and realized that the things that were stuck on their feet were gold. When they realized this:

The first group that never collected said “Oh why didn’t we get it! Why didn’t we listen to our commander? If only we had listened to your word! They said they would at least buy one, and they regretted it.

The second group, who collected less, reproached themselves, saying, “Oh, I wish we had bought a little more so that we could stuff our pockets and cloaks into their mouths.

The third group, which collected a lot, said, “I wish we had thrown away the unnecessary and unnecessary items that we had on us so that we could buy more. They were upset, even though they took more, saying that they would fill it more.

a lesson to us

As in this example, all people who go to the Hereafter will lament like these and regret it.

The unbeliever will say, “I wish we had believed, believed and at least went to Hell, then we would also enter Paradise because of our belief, at least we would be saved from eternal Hell.

Those who are believers but have low rewards will say, “I wish we had done a little more good deeds, never went to Hell, or received more blessings and treats.”

Those who are believers and have a lot of rewards said, “I wish we had prayed more, giving more alms, fasted more, more…. they will say.

My Lord, from the religious parable of this Judgment Day and from religious stories May Allah grant us all the opportunity to learn.

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