A Christian Honored by Giving Zakat on His Property


A religious story means a lesson and a lesson, thinking maybe feeling emotional, for whom, of course, for those who look and listen with the eye of a lesson and a lesson.

Whether it is the religious story we will tell about this zakat or another religious parables Let’s listen and take lessons, provided that the stories are not contrary to our religious creed, because there are wisdoms in these stories that can be shared from the story.

religious story

Our Prophet (saas) was once telling his Companions about the benefits of zakat. he said “Alms It surrounds and protects your property like a spiritual fortress.” said.

At that time, a Christian passing by heard these words and decided to test the truth of this saying. He went to his house, made a calculation, separated his zakat and alms and distributed them to the poor. He also had a partner, and he went on an expedition for trade.

i fight it

This Christian said, “If what Muhammad (saas) said is true, I will decide that he is a true prophet and I will accept his religion. If not, if it is in vain that I have distributed so much property, I will take my sword and fight it.”

While this Christian was sitting and waiting for the result of the charity he gave, a letter came from his partner. In the letter he received, he said, “Unfortunately, bandits (bandits) blocked our way and they took everything we had in our caravan.”

The person who was a Christian turned as if he had been shot in the brain, and as soon as he took his sword, he acted to kill the Prophet (saas). Furious and thoughtful, he received another letter from his partner on the way.

In this letter, it was written: “It was the complete opposite of the letter I wrote earlier. In other words, one of our camels was injured and I was a little behind from the caravan. I wrote that letter to you, thinking that they would catch me when I caught up with them and saw that the caravan was plundered from afar.

But I couldn’t understand why they left without seeing me or our property. So nothing happened to our property and we just got rid of the bandits. Don’t worry, we continue on our way safely.”

When he heard such news from his partner, his anger and violence suddenly disappeared. He came to the presence of our Prophet (saas), with whom he had set out with the intention of killing, a little embarrassed and a little sad, and told what had happened.

He said, “I heard what you said at that time, and I personally saw the benefit of genius. Now I want to be a Muslim too.” He said and became a Muslim by shahada.

Yes it is religious As the story goes, Hz. Every news of the Prophet is true and true, and also true by experience. It is our duty to apply these truths to our lives.

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